Darlene Eckel (left) enjoys life at Lantern Hill so much that her daughter Lynn O’Neill (right) moved there with her husband as soon as she turned 62.

Finding the right home to spend your retirement isn’t just about cost, or amenities, or the food. It’s not just about continuing care or the size and style of your home. It’s about all of those things. It’s about finding a home that offers you the most value, which comes in many shapes and sizes. 

Linda Mincer, who lives at Devonshire at PGA National, performs a lovely ballet routine at the show.

Dazzling a full house of almost 300 neighbors inside the Stafford ballroom, members of the Devonshire community recently showcased their many talents at the highly anticipated annual variety show. 

(Left) Manager of Resident Services Marty Bores and community member Lois Edelstein have been helping Devonshire neighbors set up and use the My Erickson app.

For many Devonshire community members, daily technology usage enhances the premier lifestyle they enjoy at the Erickson Living community at PGA National. 

Priority list members often consult with the Devonshire custom interiors department.

As the steamy summer months give way to gentle fall breezes, the Devonshire sales office is buzzing with record-breaking activity meeting with people from all over the country who wish to escape to Florida and avoid the traditional winter weather. 

Liz Huhn was one of more than 20 Devonshire artists showcasing their work and talents at the Palm Beach Gardens, Erickson Living community’s art show.

Community members at Devonshire work diligently to keep their artistic embers burning. Recently, 23 resident artists showcased their creative talents with painting, sculptures, and photography. 

Three women enjoy sitting at a table on the Devonshire patio, while a member of the dining staff serves them wine.

Dining at Devonshire, an Erickson Living community at PGA National in Palm Beach Gardens is always a culinary treat.

Donna Schneider is a sales counselor and the personal moving consultant at Devonshire at PGA National.

Confucius once remarked, “A man who does not plan long ahead will find trouble at his door.” 

Helping future Devonshire at PGA National community members plan for and execute their move is the number one priority of Personal Moving Consultant Donna Schneider, who is also a sales counselor.

“Attending a luncheon was a turning point in our moves to Devonshire,” says Nancy DeSantis (left) who attended an informative sales event and luncheon with her friend Shirley Alley (right).

Each month, dozens of people eager to learn more about Devonshire, reserve a spot at the community’s popular luncheon events. These no-pressure visits provide an opportunity to tour the Erickson Living community at PGA National, meet community members, and enjoy a delicious chef-prepared meal.

Recently celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary, Artie and Margy Lynnworth are thrilled with their new life at Devonshire.

“You can be five years too early, but you don’t want to be five minutes too late,” says Artie Lynnworth, referring to his move last August with his wife Margy to Devonshire, the Erickson Living community at PGA National in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla.