Bob and Sue Van Vleet spend their winters in Florida and come home to Fox Run for the spring, summer, and fall.

For many Michigan retirees, spending the winters in a warm climate like Florida and returning home to be with family and friends for the spring, summer, and fall strikes the perfect balance. Moving to a retirement community like Fox Run doesn’t mean your snowbird days are over. In fact, many residents say living at Fox Run makes it easier to get away for months at a time.

An exterior shot of the community, featuring a lovely gazebo and a still pond, all in bloom for spring

Decisive action at Fox Run makes COVID-19 transition easier for residents

When stay-at-home orders were enacted around the country in response to the coronavirus pandemic, simple things like buying toilet paper, getting exercise, and staying in touch with loved ones became difficult.

Marj Taylor hosts a show about birds and birdwatching on Fox Run’s in-house TV station. She's seen here on the set, wearing a purple sweater.

Marj Taylor, who lives at Fox Run in Novi, Mich., has a Ph.D. in American literature and spent her career as a high school teacher. She worked in the English department at Ernest W. Seaholm High School in Birmingham, Mich., where she developed a filmmaking course available to students as an elective.

Jeanette Coviak, seen here with short hair and a floral shirt, has lived at Fox Run for about 15 years and was recently elected to the Resident Advisory Council, which serves as a liaison between community members and staff.

Jeanette Coviak has lived at Fox Run since 2005. She’s always been an active member of the community, but she recently decided to get even more involved by running for the Resident Advisory Council (RAC), an important and influential committee that serves as a liaison between community members and staff.

Stewart and Sonia Aron smile at each other with their foreheads touching sweetly.

Sonia and Stewart Aron moved from Columbus, Ohio, to Fox Run in 2016. In Columbus, they belonged to a congregation with quite a few professors from Ohio State University and their rabbi was a history buff.

The Live the Life program designates a suite, much like like beautifully decorated one here, for their guests.

Before you buy a new coat or pair of pants, you try them on. Before you go to a movie, you probably watch a preview. You might even taste a sample of new foods at the grocery store before putting them in your cart. So, when you’re making a big decision, such as where to live for your retirement, it stands to reason that you’d like to “try before you buy.”

Ann Bickford, an anchor on the community's televised news program, holds a microphone while giving a report.

Exchanging ideas with people who can thoughtfully challenge your opinions or broaden your perspective can be one of the most pleasant and stimulating ways to spend your time.

Kristen Yaquinto is a familiar face at Fox Run. She joined the sales team as a sales manager back in 2014.

Judy Grant is a retired nurse and currently serves as the chair of Fox Run’s resident-run health committee.

Judy Grant spent her career in the field of nursing. She worked as a clinical nurse specialist, now commonly known as a nurse practitioner, and specialized in health care for women. She later worked as a professor of nursing at Madonna University. She retired from nursing in 1995 but  maintained her license until last year.