Ann Bickford, an anchor on the community's televised news program, holds a microphone while giving a report.

Exchanging ideas with people who can thoughtfully challenge your opinions or broaden your perspective can be one of the most pleasant and stimulating ways to spend your time.

Kristen Yaquinto is a familiar face at Fox Run. She joined the sales team as a sales manager back in 2014.

Judy Grant is a retired nurse and currently serves as the chair of Fox Run’s resident-run health committee.

Judy Grant spent her career in the field of nursing. She worked as a clinical nurse specialist, now commonly known as a nurse practitioner, and specialized in health care for women. She later worked as a professor of nursing at Madonna University. She retired from nursing in 1995 but  maintained her license until last year.

Arnetta Whitehouse’s days at Fox Run are filled with a range of activities and interests. She teaches water exercise classes, serves on the Resident Advisory Council, and leads the Writers’ Forum.

The Resident Advisory Council (RAC) is one of the most important and influential committees at Fox Run. The hard-working group serves as a liaison between community members and staff, helping to communicate residents’ questions and feedback to management and relay important information back to their neighbors.

Fox Run Personal Moving Consultant Kristen Yaquinto says there are several advantages to listing and selling your house during the winter.

Spring is typically regarded as the prime time to sell a house. Winter, on the other hand, has a reputation for being a tough time to sell. But Fox Run Personal Moving Consultant Kristen Yaquinto says that reputation is undeserved. 

Dorothy Warren (top row, left) hosts luncheons at Fox Run for her Albion College alumni group.

When they retire, many people choose to sell the large homes where they raised their families. Retirees often want smaller homes that are right-sized for their current lifestyles

Fox Run resident Bev Ellis encourages people to move to the community as soon as they retire.

After talking to Bev Ellis, you’ll probably find yourself craving some dark chocolate—because that is what this vibrant Fox Run community member says is her secret to staying sharp as she gets older. She also credits her father’s good genes and a positive attitude, but she adds in the chocolate for good measure.

Pictured here (from left) Karalee Taron, Meghan Owoc, Linda Chon, Rebecca Bowles, Erica Patterson, Keith Ryner, Sherri Lucius, Lisa Lorius, Mike McCormick, Jackie Pomeroy-Miller, Ashley Bulat, Kristina Dobring, Elizabeth Griffin, and Anjuree Moore.

Many Fox Run residents say that one of the things that attracted them to the community is the access to different levels of care, should they ever require it.

Fox Run residents Mary Ann and Joe Macura, seen canoodling here, say they met on a blind date, hit if off, and have been together ever since.

About four years ago, Mary and Joe Macura decided to sell the Northville, Mich., house where they lived for 45 years and move to Fox Run. The large house no longer suited their lifestyle and keeping it up was becoming a burden, so they decided the time was right to enjoy maintenance-free living at Fox Run.