Charles and Sue Nairn have both continued to work in some capacity since moving to Fox Run.

A little less than a year ago, Charles and Sue Nairn decided to sell their four-bedroom house in Hamtramck, Mich., to move to Fox Run, in Novi. Though they now live at a retirement community, neither of the Nairns is technically retired. 

Mary Ann Marks (left) and Arlene Gumushian play billiards in Fox Run’s on-site game room.

Fox Run has a broad range of clubs and social activities to suit just about every interest and kind of person. 

For athletic types, there are water volleyball games and yoga classes.

Intellectuals might enjoy the political awareness committee or one of several writing groups.

A photo of Dr. Steve Lerner poses in his office

Dr. Steve Lerner has had a long and rewarding academic career in infectious disease, with a special passion for antibiotic therapy and appropriate antibiotic use. Last August, he officially retired from his full-time position as a faculty member at Wayne State University School of Medicine.

AJ Kershaw is Fox Run’s newest executive chef

The food served at Fox Run, an Erickson Living community in Novi, Mich., consistently gets rave reviews from residents and visitors alike. One of the people who orchestrates the preparation of the hundreds of delicious meals that come out of Fox Run’s kitchens each day is Chef AJ Kershaw, who recently became executive chef at the community’s Fireside Restaurant.

Now that she lives at Fox Run, Ana May Salgado says she has more friends than she ever did before.

There’s no doubt about it—making the decision to downsize for your retirement is a big step. If you’ve lived in your house for many years, you may feel reluctant to leave it.

“The first time I walked into my Addison apartment home, I fell in love with the beautiful view of the woods. It is the perfect home for me,” says Ann MacNamara, who lives at Greenspring in Springfield, Va.

Uncovering ways to save money is an important goal for many Americans. Recently, that commitment has been best illustrated in the growing demand for smaller homes. In October 2017, Bloomberg Business Week reported that “in a reversal of a three-decade trend, U.S.

(From left) Ana May Salgado, Elizabeth Robinson, Georgette Haiman-Baert, Lorraine Cunningham (study club founder), Mary Bragg, Margo Gerber, and Nancy Snyder.

Lorraine Cunningham and her husband Reginald lived in Detroit, Mich., for many years. When Lorraine retired from her nursing career in 2015, she wanted to spend more of her time on hobbies she enjoys, such as studying Spanish. But she found that taking care of the house was still eating up a lot of her time.

Fox Run neighbors (from left) Laura Woodruff, Anne Howlett, Jerry Basista, and Jerry Scheel enjoy a yoga class at the Novi, Mich., community’s on-site fitness center.

Have you ever noticed that euphoric feeling you get when you take a brisk hike with your walking group? Or how making a post-yoga coffee date with your workout buddy motivates you to go to class each week?

Geri Angel recently received certification from the Novi Ambassador Academy. She is pictured here with City Manager Pete Auger.

Geri Angel recently received certification from the Novi Ambassador Academy, an eight-week course designed to teach citizens all about the inner-workings of the city and its government.