Meryl Davis and her grandmother

Millions of Americans spent much of February glued to their television sets watching the Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia. For Run resident Marian Davis, watching the Winter Olympics was especially exciting.

At 66, Cindy Candela works full-time as a high school administrator, travels at least four times a year, and has a vibrant social life at home. Cindy is so active that some people are surprised to learn that she lives in a retirement community, but she says Fox Run is the ideal home for this exciting stage in her life.

man standing next to stained glass

In 2010, Fred Wiegand and his wife Nan moved from Texas to Fox Run, an Erickson Living community in Novi, Mich. The Wiegands had been living in a gated community in Texas for the beginning of their retirement and decided they wanted to move back to Michigan, where they had spent most of their adult lives and where most of their children and grandchildren currently live. 

headshot of doctor


Do you often see your doctor while you’re out for lunch? Has he met your grandchildren? Do you swap recipes with her? 

man sitting at desk with papers

Jerry Basista has been interested in economics and the stock market since he was in high school. In fact, he made his first stock purchase, shares of ITT Corporation, when he was in college. 

“I’ve been an active investor for 60 years,” he says. “I’ve always enjoyed it.”

couple sitting in big red chairs

When they retired in the early 1980s, Howard and Janet Foell decided to leave Michigan, where they had raised their son, and set sail for Florida—literally. The Foells had been avid sailors and decided to make the journey down to Florida a memorable one by sailing there on their own boat. 

people walking a race

Retirees living at Fox Run were especially active this past autumn. For example, many of them took part in a color run, a popular style of 5K race in which participants are doused in a different color paint after each kilometer. 


Pat Morgan spent her career as a teacher. She’s retired now, but in a unique way, she is still helping people learn. 

Pat leads Fox Run’s Arts a la Carte committee, which organizes monthly outings for residents to take advantage of Detroit’s vibrant arts and culture scene. 

couple sitting in chairs

George and Wilma Gallanis have known each other, literally, their entire lives. Their mothers were friends when they were born just a few months apart, and their families socialized throughout their childhoods in upstate New York.