Noni and Vern St. Amand (left) have become close friends with Jan and Hal Brautnick since moving to Fox Run. The two couples spent time together in Florida last winter.

From its full-service restaurants to its heated indoor pool to its well-appointed clubhouses with handsome fireplaces, Fox Run is often likened to living on a cruise ship. But residents Noni and Vern St.

Fox Run Executive Chef Michael Bootz first started working at the Novi, Mich., Erickson Living community as a prep cook when he was just 19 years old.

Fox Run residents consistently say that one of the best parts of living at the Novi, Mich., Erickson Living community is that they no longer have to prepare their own meals or do all of the grocery shopping, meal planning, and cleaning that accompanies cooking.

Karl Drayton used to teach photography to high school students, and now he shares the tricks of the trade with his neighbors at Fox Run, the Erickson Living community in Novi, Mich., where he lives.

Karl Drayton has enjoyed photography since he was a child. As an adult, he became a high school teacher and shared his love of photography with his students by starting a photography program at the school. He also taught photography classes for adults in the evenings. 

More than 60 miniature cars were entered to race in Fox Run’s first-ever Pinewood Derby.

In February, Fox Run hosted its inaugural Pinewood Derby, a miniature car race inspired by the classic Cub Scouts event. It was a day of nostalgia, as residents and staff reminisced about their childhood Cub Scout days, and a day for making new memories with friends and neighbors at the Novi, Mich., Erickson Living community. 

Kristen Yaquinto has worked as a sales manager at Fox Run since 2014. She recently became the community’s personal moving consultant.

Kristen Yaquinto is a familiar face at Fox Run. She joined the sales team as a sales manager back in 2014. In December, she stepped into a new role as personal moving consultant; you can find her assisting future Fox Run residents with all aspects of selling their houses and moving to the Novi, Mich., Erickson Living community. 

Fox Run community members don’t have to leave campus to exercise or go about their daily activities. Everything’s right on site.

Doris Brafford has always enjoyed exercising in water. In fact, she began teaching aqua gym classes at the local YMCA back in 1962. Over the years, she taught similar classes at other facilities, including those for fellow snowbirds in Gulf Shores, Ala., where Doris and her late husband used to spend the winters. 

Sales Director Allison Murphy and her sales staff meet with people every day who want to learn more about CCRCs and the costs and benefits associated with a move to Fox Run.

When choosing a continuing care retirement community (CCRC), there are many things to consider—location, amenities, and neighbors, to name of a few. One of the most important factors is the cost and the fee structure. 

Nancy Ryan (left) lives at Fox Run, and her daughter Peggy Mather (right) works at the community.

Many people who live and work at Fox Run say the community feels like one big family. For resident Nancy Ryan and staff member Peggy Mather, that statement rings particularly true— the two are mother and daughter.

Hugs all around! Fox Run residents show their gratitude for employees’ hard work by contributing to the Staff Appreciation Fund.

Residents and staff at Fox Run spend a lot of time together, so it’s common for them to form close bonds.