Boston native Marilyn Hoffman came to Fox Run via Boca Raton, Fla., to be closer to her family, and she says she feels right at home in Novi.

Marilyn Hoffman spent 25 years of her retirement in Boca Raton, Fla. As much as she loved the warmth and sunshine, she wanted to be closer to her family. So about two years ago, she decided to relocate to Fox Run to be near one of her children. 

Fox Run’s social workers, from left to right: Kathleen Lang,  Andrew Hamill, Leah Edwards, Dawn Doyle and Katrina DiMango.

Like all stages in life, retirement brings its own set of specific challenges related to mental and emotional health and well-being. Older adults might grapple with issues around being a caretaker, loss of a spouse, or loneliness due to social isolation.

George Smith, a retired General Motors research physicist, and his wife Mary Lee, who spent her career as a social worker, enjoy a variety of activities and interests together at Fox Run.

If you drive a car made by General Motors (GM), some of the features in your vehicle may be based on research conducted by George Smith, who worked for the auto company for 40 years as a research physicist. 

Novi, Mich., Mayor Bob Gatt presents the Spirit of Giving award to Fox Run resident Doreen Poupard.

Doreen Poupard, a Fox Run resident and former Novi City Council member, received the Spirit of Giving award from Novi Mayor Bob Gatt. The award is given to an individual or business that truly embodies the sense of kindness and giving.

Residents Dolores Phillips (left) and Betty Evenden play an oversized game of checkers at Fox Run’s Leap Day celebration.

An extra day of the year means an extra 24 hours for fun. Fox Run residents celebrated Leap Day on February 29 by playing games and performing hundreds of random acts of kindness.

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder

When Election Day arrives in November, one particularly active precinct in Michigan is sure to show up at the polls. 

Fox Run resident Carolyn Schooley.

For several years, Carolyn Schooley has been hosting a show called Getting to Know You on Fox Run’s in-house TV station. In each episode, she interviews a different resident about their hometown, childhood, schooling, career, and family life.

Residents Sam Ray (left) and Paul Sundquist (right)

More and more, older adults are embracing technology. Grandparents use FaceTime to visit with out-of-town children and grandchildren and regularly log onto their email accounts to keep in touch with friends and swap pictures with relatives.