Fox Run resident Roy Birmingham hosts orientations

Fox Run has had an influx of new residents over the last several months. The community opened its eighth residence building in June—the first new building in six years.

Fox Run’s Evelyn Spitzer of Your Own University

Since moving to Fox Run in 2013, Evelyn Spitzer has had all kinds of opportunities to learn new things. She is a member of a resident-run group called Your Own University (YOU, for short) that organizes a variety of educational events.

Don Bouffard (left) and Casey Rost (right) with wooden toy cars they are donating to Toys for Tots.

Grandparents love delighting their grandchildren with new toys at Christmastime. Unfortunately, many underprivileged kids don’t have family to spoil them.

Fox Run Custom Interior Coordinators Donna Harki and Deanna Dau

Having a stylish and comfortable home isn’t necessarily about having a ton of space. If you decide to downsize, you don’t have to sacrifice style because you’re living in smaller home. In fact, a good interior decorator has a few tricks up her sleeve to help maximize smaller spaces and help retirees seamlessly blend treasured older furniture with new, modern pieces.

Fox Run staff

Fox Run is home to people from a variety of different faith backgrounds. There are Jewish and Christian residents, people who practice other religions, and people who are spiritual without subscribing to any particular doctrine. 

Fox Run resident

John Fountain has always loved sports reporting and play-by-play broadcasting. Throughout his life, he has found opportunities—both paid and unpaid—to do what he loves most. 

Fox Run staff

The best way to become better acquainted with FoxRun and the people who live and work there is to join the community’s priority list. Becoming a member is simple and offers prospective residents a host of advantages, perks, and exclusive invitations. 

Fox Run residents

A group of 15 residents from Fox Run recently took a trip to Lansing, Mich., where they enjoyed a day of VIP treatment in the state’s capitol. 

State Senator Mike Kowall invited the residents, who are all current or past members of Fox Run’s political awareness committee.

Erickson Living resident

Last November, Jan Shenefelt moved from a condo in Northville, Mich., to Fox Run. She had some friends who were already residents at the Erickson Living community in Novi, Mich., and they periodically invited her to dinner at the on-site restaurants.