woman smiling

Dallas native Jamie Bruning was in high school when she felt her first tug into ministry.

“I attended a magnet school for health professions,” she says. “But toward the end of my senior year, I began to feel a call toward ministry.”

grandson and grandmother in greenhouse

Nine-year-old David Scherm is a familiar face around Springs, the Erickson Living community in North Dallas where his grandparents live.

“Everybody knows me,” says David. “Coming to Highland Springs is one of the best parts of my week.”

Susan and Jerry Smith

For Jerry and Susan Smith, adventure waits on the open road.

“We like to get in the car and go,” says Jerry, a retired regional service specialist for Eastman Kodak. “That’s our entertainment. We’ll find a country road and see where it takes us.”

couple in front of a flag

Al and Pat Binko had their sights set on moving to an Erickson Living community. As lifelong Maryland residents, they were familiar with Oak Crest and Charlestown, two Erickson Living communities near their home in Harford County.

granddaughter and grandmother

When Marna Keith invited her 16-year-old granddaughter Kristin Brown on a bus trip to South Dakota, neither of them imagined Kristin would land her first “real” job as a result.

picture of a house

Dallas real estate agent Jane Clark advises her clients to list their homes when the grass is green—literally.

woman sitting at a desk

Elaine Lagerstrom’s career in the newsroom began with an unexpected call.

“My husband was a sportswriter for the Telegraph Herald in Dubuque, Iowa,” says Elaine. “When an opening came up for the society pages, the editor asked if I wanted to fill in temporarily.”

woman in front of wall

If the Great Recession has taught us anything, it’s this: the golden years aren’t a guarantee.

A joint study released by AIG Life and Retirement and AgeWave reveals that older Americans are changing their views on retirement.