From the plains of west Texas to the sprawling acreages in the hill country, if there s one thing Texans have in common, it s their penchant for wide open spaces. [caption id="attachment_8828" align="alignright" width="280" caption="Pete and Barbara Scholl relax in their 1,900-square-foot apartment home at Eagle s Trace."]


The Olive Branch Book Club is the third and newest arm in the tree of reading groups at Highland Springs.

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[caption id="attachment_6454" align="alignright" width="200" caption="Theresa and Kurt Eichenwald at the premiere of The Informant in New York City. (Photo courtesy of LIFE)"][/caption] Highland Springs has a celebrity in its midst. Theresa Eichenwald, M.D., physician at the on-campus medical center, happens to be married to Hollywood s newest celebrity.
Howard Van and Charlotte Chatsey Vandevender recently moved toHighland Springs, theErickson communityin Dallas, Tex. The decision to move took them over three years. Van wasn t much for it, Mrs.
When asked what the Highland Springs World War II Club does, member Melvin Waters says wryly, Aaah, we don t do a whole lot. We are just a bunch of old codgers who sit around and tell stories you know, the stories our families are sick of hearing over and over again.

The world-famous Rockettes had better watch out. They have some competition at Highland Springs, the Erickson community in Dallas. While the campus boasts dozens of resident-created clubs and activities, one group in particular is kicking harder than the rest.