Lantern Hill’s maintenance-free living, strong financial structure, and myriad amenities sold Herman Bieber.

Many people say they’re going to change their life, but “I’ll do it tomorrow” often gets in the way. Herman Bieber, however, changed “tomorrow” to “today” and is now living his best life at Lantern Hill, a maintenance-free Erickson Living community in New Providence, N.J.

Former costume designer Alice Silkworth and feng shui consultant Vincent Smith, took charge in their move to Lantern Hill’s newest building, Bell Pavilion.

Lantern Hill has begun taking reservations for its brand-new residence building, which is  scheduled to open this fall.

Jennifer Kohan is Lantern Hill’s personal moving consultant.

Did you know you don’t have to shoulder your move alone? Lantern Hill, an Erickson Living community in New Providence, N.J., offers the services of a personal moving consultant to everyone moving in. 

(From left) Lantern Hill residents Doug and Jane Clausen love living where their granddaughter Ashley and son David work as security officers.

Every day is Grandparents Day for Doug and Jane Clausen. Although their granddaughter Ashley is grown, the New Providence couple has opportunities to see her use her talents daily. Ashley works as a security officer and a dining associate at Lantern Hill, the Erickson Living community where Doug and Jane live. 

(From left) Carole Pasquale, Victoria Bekkedahl, and George Schnitzer take an aqua fitness class taught by their neighbor Charlene Sozansky (right) at Lantern Hill’s indoor, climate-controlled aquatics center.

Lantern Hill, the Erickson Living community on Mountain Avenue in New Providence, N.J., has one of the most well-known group exercise gurus in the area, Melissa Sullivan, running its fitness center. But what makes this community even more unique and impressive is that she’s not alone.

A conceptual rendering of the new building, Bell Pavilion.

This year, Lantern Hill will open its next residence building, Bell Pavilion, built to pay homage to the inventive spirit of Bell Laboratories. 

Lynn O’Neill (left) couldn’t wait to turn 62 so she could enjoy the same maintenance-free lifestyle as her mother, Darlene Eckel. Now they both live at Lantern Hill, just two blocks from Linda’s former house.

When Lynn O’Neill helped her parents move to Lantern Hill, the Erickson Living community just two blocks from her former home in New Providence, N.J., she wished she could've moved in too. But at 60, she had two years to wait until she was eligible for the 62-plus, maintenance-free community.

Fitness Coordinator Melissa Sullivan (left) and Lantern Hill resident Marilee Anderson hit the cardio equipment in Lantern Hill’s on-site fitness center.

If you’ve lived in Union County over the past 15 years, you’ve probably heard of Melissa Sullivan one way or another. Before teaching 20 group exercise classes a week at five area gyms, she played competitive sports—tennis, paddle tennis, and golf. 

“I have lived in this area my whole life. At some point, people in the area have come across me,” Sullivan says.

Glen and Mariann Harrigel moved to Lantern Hill from their four-bedroom house in New Providence.

As Lantern Hill begins accepting reservations from priority list members for its newest residence building, Bell Pavilion, we turned to the people who call Lantern Hill home to find out what makes this New Providence, N.J., community so special.