Laddie, and her owners pose at lantern hill

Laddie, a nine-year-old sheltie, has a unique living situation. His parents don’t live together. But life is about to get better for this little Lassie dog.

Erickson Living resident

Adele Irving has owned five Tibetan terriers. The medium-sized, shaggy sheep dogs’ most telling feature is a dramatic, long double coat. But what makes them so loveable is their playful, yet laid-back and calming personality. Adele’s fifth terrier, Kera, is so loveable that Adele has trained her as a pet therapy dog. 

Lantern Hill

Home design trends have shifted over the years. Recently, new homes are moving away from the boxy rooms, narrow hallways, and separate living and dining rooms of years past in favor of larger, more open, flexible spaces.

Lantern Hill

Real estate professionals throughout New Jersey report a strong real market, and they don’t expect it to ebb soon. According to Jeffrey Otteau, a Central Jersey-based appraiser, home sales were up 19% in April 2015 over April 2014. What’s more, sale prices are up over last year. 

Lantern Hill resident

Last year, Dee Robertson had to replace her roof, buy a new hot water heater, and repair flood damage from said water heater. But the straw that broke the camel’s back? A squirrel dug a hole in her attic while she was on vacation. 

Lantern Hill resident

The Cookie That Saved My Family resonates with children and adults as a true story of one Jewish family’s escape from Germany during Hitler’s reign and the surprising way they survived in their new home. 

Rebecca Gibby published her first novel, Forged in Philadelphia, in retirement. She’s currently working on a second book.


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