Desiree Carlson works full time as a pathologist and says Linden Ponds is a great place for a busy professional to live.

Desiree Carlson works full time as a physician, and she lives at Linden Ponds, an Erickson Living-managed community in Hingham, Mass. She says people often ask why she lives at a retirement community when she is not yet retired. 

A "for sale" sign stands in front of a house lightly dusted in snow.

Spring is typically regarded as the prime time to sell a house. Winter, on the other hand, has a reputation for being a tough time to sell. But Linden Ponds Personal Moving Consultant Lynne Ford says that reputation is undeserved. 

Ed Petcavage, seen here preparing to throw a javelin, has been competing in the Senior Olympics since 2012 and says living at Linden Ponds makes it easy to stay in shape.

With so many athletes in residence, it’s no surprise that Linden Ponds sends a sizable contingent to participate in the Senior Olympics each year in Quincy, Mass. The Erickson Living-managed community in Hingham has been an official sponsor of the Quincy Senior Olympics for the last several years. 

Jerry and Ann Marcus smile next to a Hannukah menorah in their apartment home at Linden Ponds.

You have a lot of choices when it comes to your retirement living. One option that some people consider is a 55-plus community. But Linden Ponds Sales Counselor Karmin Der says many of the prospective residents she meets are moving from a 55-plus community.

Michael and Audrey Straight smile under the shade of a stone entryway at the top of Machu Picchu.

Linden Ponds residents Audrey and Michael Straight have always had an adventurous life together. They lived on a sailboat near Annapolis, Md., on and off for 14 years. Monday through Friday, they commuted to Washington, D.C., where they both worked as lawyers.

Gloria Alvino runs the Heart to Heart Healing Circle at Linden Ponds, which focuses on self-healing techniques.

Gloria Alvino has a bachelor’s degree in pharmacy and a master’s degree in health and human services, and she previously operated three pharmacies and a surgical supply company. However, much of her life’s work has focused on helping people heal not with prescription drugs or hospitals but by using methods such as meditation and healing touch.

Don Mitchell, a former television news photographer, and his wife Joan moved to Linden Ponds in 2018.

These days, young people aren’t the only ones using technology to stay connected and make their lives easier. In fact, people age 65 and older are embracing technology more than ever. 

Franz Wolff says he stays physically fit by riding his bike around Linden Ponds about five days a week.

Franz Wolff’s Linden Ponds neighbors will tell you he’s got the energy of someone far younger. That may be in part because Franz spends a lot of time riding his bike around Linden Ponds’ campus.

“I ride three to five times a week during good weather. Even in bad weather, I’m out there,” Franz says. “I prefer that exercise as compared to going in the [fitness center].”

Cynthia and Kevin Lessard enjoy traveling (they’re pictured here on a trip to Maine), but they say they also find plenty of events, activities, and live entertainment right at home at Linden Ponds.

Cynthia Lessard spent her career as a nurse, so she has a unique view on the health care system and how people’s needs change as they get older.

“I had been a home care nurse years ago, and I saw a lot of people in their homes being so lonely and so needy,” she says.