woman standing behind a podium

Criminal practice was unfamiliar territory for students of Jackie Evarts’ lifelong learning class at Ponds. But in her animated, conversational style, Jackie distilled the fundamentals of the district court system for a captivated audience. 

Brick walkway

Jim Hunter expected to stay in his Needham, Mass., home forever, he says. But in the years after his wife s death, It was getting hard living alone; the long, dreary days, he says. Maintaining the grounds of his seven-room house was also a growing challenge.


Despite the fact that many, if not most, people who live at Linden Ponds rarely use their kitchens, community members recently assembled a new cookbook that has proven a hot commodity, even among those who don t cook.

Lynne Ford

When Lynne Ford first signed on to join the Linden Ponds sales team ten years ago, the 108-acre property was little more than a group of sales trailers and a pile of rubble at the site of a former quarry in Hingham, Mass.

Man moving boxes

Elinor and Haskell Maude were spending the winter in Florida last year when they noted a trend: Their friends in the area were struggling with health problems, challenges made more difficult because they were without family nearby. At the time, the Maudes were living in their house of 17 years on Cape Cod in Mashpee, Mass., at least an hour drive from each of their three children.

A motorcycle

After years as a volunteer librarian and then as an administrative consultant in publishing, Suzanne Monk knew her retirement years would also involve books.

Jim Wingardner

Earlier this year, Jim Wingardner assumed the role of executive director of Linden Ponds.

Needlework, knitting, and pillowcases

Organized chaos is how Vivian Bleakney describes the annual Linden Ponds event that transforms the Derby Clubhouse art room into a pillowcase production line. We have a wonderful time.

Linden Ponds dancers take to the floor for fun and fitness

The energy was high, the music lively as couples glided and twirled across the floor outside the Fireside Restaurant at Linden Ponds. Claims of I don t dance went largely unheard. At the Chance to Dance event, there were few viable excuses to stay seated.