Nalora (Lo) and Guy Steele met beside a piano. They were standing together during a chapel rehearsal in Missouri when someone suggested they sing a duet. They obliged by singing Indian Love Call by Slim Whitman. [caption id="attachment_7579" align="alignright" width="280" caption="Guy and Lo Steele enjoy a moment at the piano inside their Linden Ponds apartment home.


In honor of Hingham s 375th anniversary, a group of local painters did their part to celebrate the town s past through art. [caption id="attachment_7233" align="alignright" width="280" caption="Linden Ponds resident John Cherry in front of his painting, Second Parish Church. "]


Just as those at Brooksby Village and Linden Ponds enjoy active lifestyles in their home bases, many also fly south for the winter, taking their suitcases and sense of adventure with them. [caption id="attachment_7225" align="a


Sitting around a large table at Linden Ponds Acorn Pub, the ladies talk and laugh like any group of friends with similar interests.


[caption id="attachment_3120" align="alignright" width="228" caption="Linden Ponds Knit n Crocheters create new accessories from old plastic bags, which they use as yarn to crochet. A handbag, like those pictured above, may require as many as 150 plastic bags, depending on its size.


[caption id="attachment_2142" align="alignright" width="280" caption="The compost bins at Linden Ponds, where gardeners are reaping the benefits of the nutrient-rich soil they helped create. "]


[caption id="attachment_2133" align="alignright" width="280" caption="Jean Whelan, an oceanographer emeritus at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, will teach a course at Linden Ponds next month titled Oceanography and Me.


Gus Diezemann (left) and Dick Buckley, who live at Linden Ponds, took this year s Quincy Senior Olympics by storm, winning gold medals in the half-, one-, and three-mile walks and in the javelin, shot put, broad jump, and softball throw events. The Quincy Senior Olympics welcomes participants 55 years old and over to compete.


Left to right: George Erickson, Armand Ruby, Alice Tweedy, Peg Erickson, and Anne Marie Ruby take a ride on the trolley for The Trolley Song. The first performer onstage during Show Biz II aptly did so holding a sign that read "A Gift of Music." The recent performance by the Linden Ponds Singers was just that.