Don Mitchell, a former television news photographer, and his wife Joan moved to Linden Ponds in 2018.

These days, young people aren’t the only ones using technology to stay connected and make their lives easier. In fact, people age 65 and older are embracing technology more than ever. 

Franz Wolff says he stays physically fit by riding his bike around Linden Ponds about five days a week.

Franz Wolff’s Linden Ponds neighbors will tell you he’s got the energy of someone far younger. That may be in part because Franz spends a lot of time riding his bike around Linden Ponds’ campus.

“I ride three to five times a week during good weather. Even in bad weather, I’m out there,” Franz says. “I prefer that exercise as compared to going in the [fitness center].”

Cynthia and Kevin Lessard enjoy traveling (they’re pictured here on a trip to Maine), but they say they also find plenty of events, activities, and live entertainment right at home at Linden Ponds.

Cynthia Lessard spent her career as a nurse, so she has a unique view on the health care system and how people’s needs change as they get older.

“I had been a home care nurse years ago, and I saw a lot of people in their homes being so lonely and so needy,” she says. 

One of Linden Ponds’ most popular group exercises is Essentrics, a full-body workout that combines the movements of ballet, tai chi, and yoga. (Pictured here in foreground, from left) Lynn Tisch, Mary Becker, Ann Marcus, and Honey Kronenberg.

If you want to stay physically fit as you get older, Linden Ponds is the perfect place to do that.

Susan and Bill Humberd believe Linden Ponds is an excellent financial value because of all of the amenities and services included in the monthly service fee.

Bill and Susan Humberd moved to Linden Ponds last year from a house in Norwell, Mass. They say that, at first glance, Linden Ponds may appear to cost a bit more than living in your house, but not when you factor in everything that is included in the monthly service fee.

Linden Ponds student employees (from left) Breana Germain, Tayonna Tucker, and Julia Salvucci participate in an annual fashion show to raise money for the Scholars’ Fund.

There are many benefits to working at Linden Ponds, and one of the most impactful perks for the many young people who work in the community’s on-site restaurants is the Scholars’ Fund. The fund benefits student employees who plan to attend college or trade school. 

Linden Ponds recently hosted an Asian-themed dinner of Thai, Vietnamese, Korean, Indian, Singaporean, Russian, and Chinese cuisine. (From left) Sales Counselor Karmin Der and community members Indira Pillay and Gloria Chi.

One of the things that makes Linden Ponds such an exciting and unique place to live and work is the diversity of both the community members and staff. People come to Linden Ponds from all different walks of life, career paths, ethnicities, and religious backgrounds. 

Four women chat in the park-like atmosphere at Linden Ponds.

Linden Ponds is the ideal place to take a scenic walk. With its tree-lined trails, colorful flower gardens, wetlands, and wildlife, the 108-acre campus is a natural wonderland and recently became certified as an arboretum. 

Kate Murphy, Linden Ponds’ director of human resources, was honored earlier this year as the community’s 2018 Leader of the Year.

Earlier this year, Erickson Living leaders from around the country gathered for their annual meeting in Baltimore, Md. Twenty exceptional managers and directors were honored during the meeting for their leadership qualities and their ability to inspire their team members to deliver excellent service to those who live at Erickson Living communities.