Linden Ponds resident Franz Wolff and student employee Meredith Veldran were the winners of this year’s spelling bee, which is one of the events that students put on to help raise money for the Scholars’ Fund.

Working as a server in Linden Ponds’ on-site restaurants is an ideal job for local high school students. The part-time jobs provide youngsters with a way to earn money while still keeping up with their studies, and they have the unique opportunity to form friendships with the retirees who live at Linden Ponds.

Linden Ponds folk dancers (From left) Ron Boucher, Rita Dehner, Estelle Katz, Sandy Katz, Mary Roever, and Barbara Boucher. 

Estelle Katz has enjoyed folk dancing for many years. When her husband Sanford taught at a college, folk dancing was offered on campus. That’s where the couple first discovered it.

“It is wonderful exercise and a wonderful social thing to get people together,” Estelle says.

Linden Ponds resident Carolyn Engdahl (center) leads kindergartners (from left to right) Juan Gibson, Tobey Henrikson, Meri Horlbeck, and Alexis Andrew in a hands-on nature lesson.

Volunteering and giving back to the local community are very important to many people who live at Linden Ponds. Residents have many opportunities to share their time and talents with people on the South Shore through programs and activities at the Hingham, Mass., community.

With Lynne Ford’s (right) assistance, Gini Pomeroy (left) sold her Hingham, Mass., house in two days.

If you’ve decided 2017 is the year you want to sell your house, you have excellent timing. Housing markets around the country have been steadily on the rise for the last several years, and recent data is particularly encouraging for sellers.

Erickson Living recently honored Christine Hansen, director of sales and marketing at Linden Ponds, for her exceptional leadership.

If you’re considering moving to Linden Ponds, you’ll most likely first meet staff members from the sales and marketing department—and you’re likely to be impressed by the caliber of service you receive.

Dick Bauer says it’s easy for genuine friendships to form at Linden Ponds. Pictured here are (from left) Phil Matthews, Hank Barone, Bill Greene and Ed McCormack, all retired educators who often get together for dinner.

To maintain good health, you know you need to exercise, eat a balanced diet, and stay on top of preventive screenings. But did you know the time you spend playing cards with friends or going out for dinner with other couples could also contribute to your health and longevity?

Ruth Ralph (left) and Marcia Zubretsky are the coleaders of a memoir-writing club at Linden Ponds.

Family stories can be passed down from generation to generation in conversation, but if you really want to preserve your personal history, you’ve got to write it down. That’s why a group of residents at Linden Ponds meets every other week to share stories they’ve written about their lives.

Five tennis club members stand with racks in hand in on the tennis court.

People who enjoy playing sports can connect with plenty of other athletic retirees at Linden Ponds, the Erickson Living community in Hingham, Mass. The community has a number of sports clubs and special events.

Since moving to Linden Ponds, Linda Nolan has connected with many people who share her interest in social justice. She attended Boston’s Women’s March for America in January along with about 25 of her neighbors.

When Linda Nolan took advantage of the booming real estate market to sell her ten-room house in Quincy, Mass., last summer and move to an apartment at Linden Ponds in Hingham, she had an idea of what to expect from her new community.