Earlier this year, Dr. Jennifer Tam became the medical director at Linden Ponds. She has worked at the Erickson Living community’s on-site medical center as a staff physician for ten years.

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Eva Marx says she has always been interested in understanding the big picture of the communities where she has lived. Over the years, she has served on a number of professional boards, town committees, and was on the board of the Unitarian Universalist Associations. She continues to serve on the steering committee of the local League of Women Voters.

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Ed Petcavage has always made an effort to exercise, but since moving to Linden Ponds, he has taken his physical fitness to a whole new level. Over the summer, he competed in the National Senior Olympic Games in Minnesota, where he placed eighth in racewalking.

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This month, all over the country, many college freshmen head off to campus for the first time. About 30 high school students who work at

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With so many different types of retirement communities, each offering different lifestyles, amenities, and price points, choosing one that’s right for you can be a difficult decision. Conflicting information makes it even more burdensome—from friends’ opinions to reports in the media.

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In early spring, temperatures were still chilly in Hingham, Mass., as the Boston area began the long thaw after a particularly cold and snowy winter. But inside at