Two older women smile for a selfie, both wearing glasses, green shirts, and St. Patrick's Day headbands

When we meet someone new, a few simple questions (Where did you grow up? Go to school? Work? Where do you worship?) help us discover the people and places we have in common.  

Yoga and other exercise classes were among the special programs broadcast from the Maris Grove TV studio while the Governor's stay-at-home order was in effect. Residents enjoyed games, call-ins, and many other unique shows.

COVID-19 has changed every aspect of our lives. We’re staying home, separated from friends, family, and activities. Above all, we’re hungry for reliable information.

Poet and woodworker Frank Carfagno with some of the objects he submitted to the NJ Senior Citizens Art Contest before moving to Maris Grove. He won third place and took “Best in Show” in another year.

Frank and Kathleen Carfagno spent the last 25 years in a home they designed themselves, perched on 6 and a half bucolic acres in Mickleton, NJ. 

Frank expected to remain there forever. Kathleen had other ideas. 

An older man is facing a laptop, with his back to us, and talking to the female doctor on the screen.

Telemedicine, the name for remote consultations with physicians over a computer or tablet, has existed for decades. Today most insurers, including Medicare, offer coverage for telehealth services. Reminiscent of the house calls we all remember, it’s a convenient way to see the doctor, especially when you’re not feeling well.

An exterior shot of the community, featuring an American flag flying over the entrance.

Maris Grove is a place residents love to call home

If you need a good-news story in these challenging times, Shaniyah Houston’s is guaranteed to make you smile.

DeWitte and Melva Shipley share treasured family artifacts she uncovered researching the Shipley’s American story. Celebrating Black History Month, staff at Maris Grove helped the Shipleys turn an open apartment into a temporary museum.

Maris Grove resident Melva Shipley is a dedicated and voracious student of history. The amateur genealogist has traced husband DeWitte’s family for 10 generations, back to 1692. That was the year his seventh great-grandmother, Lucie, was purchased by the Carroll family from another plantation owner.

A mover from one of Erickson Living's list of vetted moving services providers carries a box to a truck.

Remember how house hunting used to be? You’d grab the Sunday paper, comb through hundreds of listings, jump in the car, and drive to as many open houses as possible. 

If you were looking today, you’d see how meager the weekend real estate section is, if your local paper still exists! 

It takes a village to produce the NeighborNews each month. (Back row, from left) Laura Searls, Bob Deming, Warren Shaw; (Middle, from left) Becky Diamond, Joan Bateman, Frank O’Brien, Bette Alburger, Pamela Wright; (Front) Beryl Shive.

In one way or another, Beryl Shive connects with virtually every resident of Maris Grove

The cyclists kicked off their cross-country bike trip on Dog Beach in San Diego. They're seen here at the starting line.

Maris Grove resident Jane Setman had been an avid cyclist since her kids, now in their 50s, were teenagers. At her peak, she logged 75 miles on a single ride. But cycling cross-country for two months wasn’t something she’d considered until her biking buddy Katie Kinsey suggested they try it.