Maris Grove residents learn Bollywood-style dance moves. (From left) Maggie Arbuckle, Clark Hunt, Doris Hunt, instructor Priyanka Das, Alvin Jacobs, Cailin Clothier, Evelyn Jacobs, Mary Jane Speen, Carol Halsey.

Travel is one of the best ways to immerse yourself in and learn about other cultures. But at a certain point, packing, long plane rides, and filing on and off tour busses lose their luster.

Frankie Moss smiles for the camera, sitting in a chair next to a table covered with blankets she and her group have created. Frankie is wearing a blue and brown argyle shirt.

Frankie Moses is a dynamo. The long-time Maris Grove resident has her busy hands in many activities, but none gives her more satisfaction than the Blanket Circle she started in 2008.

A group of seniors socializes at night on a patio, with beautifully lit outdoor tables and glasses of wine.

If you're looking for a maintenance-free, active senior living community, be sure to expand your search outside your zip code. You might find the perfect fit in terms of lifestyle, amenities, and floor plans just over the state line.

Sales Counselor Lindsey Bonaventure welcomes new resident Dan Blanton.

Younger Baby Boomers are increasingly interested in adopting a carefree lifestyle while they’re in good health and can fully enjoy it. 

With regular structural updates and refinishes to buildings (like the beautiful brick edifice seen here), a strong financial model, and a full continuum of care, Maris Grove offers the ideal experience for seniors, no matter what the future holds.

New senior communities that offer month-to-month rentals are springing up in the area. Many offer multiple tiers of medical care and lots of amenities, which begs the questions: Is renting a viable option for you? Or is putting down roots in a community that offers a home for life a better choice?

Nancy Gale’s welcoming patio in her Maris Grove apartment home is perfect for her and her rescue dog Abby.

There’s something magical about natural light. Sunshine can lift your spirits, even on the shortest winter days.  

(From left) Maris Grove resident Ruth Marshall, Priscilla Rakestraw of the Ministry of Caring, and Bob Bauer with donated furniture from the Cardinal Clubhouse renovation to the Ministry of Caring.

The Cardinal Clubhouse is undergoing a major renovation, and community members can’t wait to see the finished product. 

A professional from the Custom Interiors department meets with a client to review fabric samples.

If you’re thinking about downsizing and moving to Maris Grove, Personal Moving Consultant Jan Schechter brings peace and organization to what can feel like an overwhelming process. 

Tech-savvy Becky Diamond shows off a photo she enhanced using Photoshop. Becky also teaches iPhone classes to her fellow Maris Grove neighbors.

Becky Diamond hasn’t used a stamp in years. She rarely calls, never writes letters, and says Amazon is her “best friend.”

The Maris Grove resident exemplifies the new wave of tech-savvy seniors—66% of the U.S. population over 65—who do everything online, from paying bills to shopping to connecting on social media.