Al and Ruth Goodman’s beautiful apartment home includes a home office where Ruth works on Yiddish translations.

Ruth and Al Goodman moved to Maris Grove from Wilmington, Del., partly because the Erickson Living community was nearby.

Five evenings a month, Dr. Tom Jenkins serenades his Maris Grove neighbors with tunes from his 200-song repertoire.

When dentist Dr. Tom Jenkins and his wife Jane moved to Maris Grove from Wilmington, Del., in 2011, “We both got what we wanted,” he says.

Among the many residents who power Maris Grove’s volunteer efforts are (from left) Jean VanVeen, Angela Stango, Regina Collins, Noreen Bayly, and Gerri Eisenstein.

Folks at Maris Grove excel at giving back. 

The Resident Outreach Club (ROC) at the Delaware County, Pa., Erickson Living community is a prime example.

Members consistently challenge themselves to find new and meaningful ways for the Maris Grove community to make a difference for people throughout the county.

Long-time neighbors ditch isolation for social-rich lifestyle

For 35 years, Rita Iezzi and Betty Kay McKeown lived three doors apart in Broomall, Pa. Now they live at Maris Grove, EricksonLiving’s retirement community in Delaware County, just 15 minutes away from their old neighborhood.

Maris Grove’s balance course boosts safety and confidence

People who live at  Grove, EricksonLiving’s retirement community in Delaware County, Pa., have endless fitness opportunities. 

Maris Grove sales staff

When Liz and Gabe Harrington decided to move from upstate New York to a location nearer their families—hers in Montgomery County, Pa., and his in Lansing, Mich.—they each launched a job search.

The great home swap

Thelma Nicholson kept up with her children and grandchildren’s activities, but was beginning to realize she was spending too much time alone, especially in the winter. She lived in a house in Aston, Pa., that she loved. But she didn’t love living there alone.

The comeback of the small-town doctor

Perhaps the most valued amenity at Grove, EricksonLiving’s community in Delaware County, Pa., is its on-site medical center. 

‘I can’t wait’

Chadds Ford, Pa., resident Lucy Green had her eye on Maris Grove, Erickson Living’s community in Delaware County, from the time it opened in 2006.