Maris Grove resident Lyn Johnson reaches for a title from her collection of 100 videos by Professor Elliot Engel. She shows them in the community’s Redwood Commons theater as part of a literary lecture series.

Erickson Living’s mission statement, “We share our gifts to create communities that celebrate life,” is well reflected at Maris Grove, its retirement community in Delaware County, Pa.

Maris Grove community members lead special-interest groups, volunteer on and off campus, and literally share their hobbies and collections with their neighbors.

A talented cook whose passion is bread baking, Carol Broadrick puts the trend-setting kitchen of the Broadricks’ home at Maris Grove to frequent use. Her husband John awaits a sample from Carol’s fresh-baked challah loaf.

John and Carol Broadrick loved their 2,800-square-foot house in the beach resort area of Lewes, Del.

But as the grandkids grew up and visited less often, and a replacement roof loomed in their future, they started thinking about shedding home maintenance concerns—“in about two years”—for carefree living at a retirement community.

In his artist’s studio, the great room of his apartment home at Maris Grove, Stephen Smith displays a teardrop-shaped mountain dulcimer he built using exotic Bubinga wood.

"I looked at other places, but there was no comparison to Maris Grove,” says former Smyrna, Del., homeowner Stephen Smith. “It was geographically well located and had amenities I wanted, a swimming pool, a fitness center, and a meal plan so I don’t have to cook.”

Maris Grove’s movie moguls include (from left) Dale Wilhelm, Sol Mayer, Yong Kouh, and Roger Thomson. They’re seated in Cardinal Theater on campus.

Whether you’re a movie buff or someone who only attends the year’s Oscar-nominated films, Maris Grove has you covered.

From Thursday through Sunday nights, four different movies play on big screens at Maris Grove, Erickson Living’s retirement community in Delaware County, Pa.

Members of Evie Jacobs’ Dance Group kicked up their collective heels to “Red Hot Salsa.” (From left) Laura Ciporin, Evie Jacobs, Arlyne Goldberg, Jeanette Zack, and Pina D’Arro.

Maris Grove’s annual Follies production doesn’t come with a money-back guarantee. But then, it doesn’t need one. 

The  spring talent show in Maris Grove’s Cardinal Theater offers entertainment that puts smiles on the audience’s faces and songs in their hearts. It’s a resident-run event that always plays to rave reviews.

Cathie White works out at Maris Grove’s fitness center with fitness specialist Christian Mitchell.

The toughest part of a gym workout is motivating yourself to get in the car and drive to the gym. For those who live at Erickson Living’s retirement community in Delaware County, Pa., however, a gym is as close as a walk down the hall. 

Maris Grove boasts a fitness center in each of its three neighborhoods.

Maris Grove community member Larry Shenk holds the plaque he received at his induction into the Delaware Sports Museum and Hall of Fame this past May.

Maris Grove’s Larry Shenk was inducted into the Delaware Sports Museum and Hall of Fame on May 22. The honor is one of many Larry has received during his long career in baseball. 

Maris Grove resident Winnie Meyer (holding plaque) and some of her 57-member Winnie’s Winners team. Her team raised $5,500 to take first place in fundraising at the Ronald McDonald House of Delaware’s 5K Run/Walk this April.

People who live at Maris Grove aren’t whiling away their so-called golden years. They’re giving back to help others.

Community Resources Manager Sally Christy estimates that more than 450 residents volunteer somewhere, which equates to more than 25 % of Maris Grove’s population.

Raina Sloan seated at the desk she's set up as a home office in a corner of her bedroom at Maris Grove.

Raina Sloan, a community member at Maris Grove, Erickson Living’s retirement community in Delaware County, Pa., doesn’t like the word “retired.”

“I look at those years as a new phase of life, a new beginning,” Raina says.