Maris Grove resident

Stew Holveck’s parents owned one of the few TV sets in their Wilmington, Del., neighborhood, but he was never really a fan. 

When his parents watched programs like The Ed Sullivan Show, Stew sat in another room with his ear against the radio listening to big band music.

Attendees in Evy Jacobs’ weekly meditation class at Maris Grove participate in a tapping exercise. The group meets in a space just off the main worship area in the community’s nondenominational chapel.

Once considered a weird and far-out practice, meditation is now endorsed by mainstream medicine. Studies show that mindfulness meditation—being in the present moment—can reduce stress, lower blood pressure, improve sleep, and might even guard against Alzheimer’s disease.

Once a week, RAC Chair Nancy Tomcufcik (left) and Maris Grove Executive Director Maureen Heckler meet to update one another about life at Maris Grove.

For some people, retirement means no more meetings. But Ken Horton, who lives at Erickson Living’s retirement community in Delaware County, Pa., recently added a host of meetings to his monthly calendar.

Residents and club members John Kaufman (left), George Alburger, and Bette Alburger give the rousing “We are…Penn State” cheer that opens and closes each Penn State club meeting at Maris Grove.

Erickson Living’s retirement community located in the rolling hills of Delaware County, Pa., offers more than 180 on-campus clubs and activities, including several alumni groups. 

(From left) Russ Lombardo, Carl Rappold, and Bud Bergeman have a good time discussing Penn State football. They’re three of the four residents who star on “The Lions Den,” a program on Maris Grove’s in-house TV station.


Let’s talk football.

Lucy Green’s reading nook in the second bedroom of her home at Maris Grove is steps, not staircases, away from her living room.

If Lucy Green hadn’t already decided to move from her townhouse in Chadds Ford, Pa., to Grove, Erickson Living’s retirement community in Delaware County, the 2013–2014 winter would have convinced her.