Oak Crest EMS wins Star of Life Award for outstanding service

Do you feel safe coming home to an empty house after dark? Do you worry about the security of your house while you re away on vacation? What would you do if you had a medical emergency and couldn t get to the phone?

Tournament of Roses Parade

Susanne Howard has one of the best jobs on Earth. As special trips coordinator at Oak Crest, Howard plans trips to destinations all over the world along with the best travel companions one could ever meet.

Man moving boxes

It’s natural for homeowners to be initially overwhelmed with the prospect of opening their house to potential buyers. However, with a plan and creativity, those challenges can become opportunities.


Evelyn Schroedl refuses to act her age. When the 92-year-old resident of Oak Crest is not dancing the tango, she s out on the tennis courts delivering a swing that would give most 20-something s a run for their money.


Watching 92-year-old Evelyn Schroedl glide across the stage in perfect time, you would never know she hasn t danced since high school.


Duke Baugh can t recall exactly when he first learned the words to the national anthem. Nonetheless, for the last ten years, he has captivated audiences at the Parkville Town Centre Fair with his a cappella version of the patriotic hymn and is preparing to wow them again on September 12.


Social worker Jessica Perry never thought she would take a backseat to her 3-year-old chocolate lab mix, Captain, until she started bringing him to work with her two years ago. It s become apparent that most people come to see him, not me, says Perry, who works at Oak Crest. Everyone always remembers him. Around the community I m simply known as Captain s mom!


Ned Ward is up to his ears in peanut butter and jelly.


Magical! That s how Martha Clasby describes her pilgrimage from Baltimore to Chartres Cathedral in France. Clasby is among the thousands who have traveled to the [caption id="attachment_13166" align="alignright" width="280" caption="Walking labyrinths has been proven to elicit what is called a relaxation response.