ladies with their iPads

Shirley Kuenzler may never pick up a book again. The retired first grade teacher is one of dozens of men and women at

woman sitting on couch with her dolls

“There are no mistakes, only challenges.” That’s what Helen Miller tells the ladies who come to the monthly Antique Girls and Friends Doll Club to learn the art of doll making. 

two women with dog

There’s a saying that if you can look at a dog and not feel vicarious excitement and affection, then you must be a cat. 

two men in race outfits with trainer

If you ask Michelle Caldwell how old she feels, she’ll tell you not a day over 40. Thanks to an active lifestyle and vigorous fitness routine, the 64-year-old is enjoying some of the best years of her life. But it hasn’t always been that way. Like many Americans, exercise wasn’t always a priority for Michelle.

Season of giving at Oak Crest

While others are crossing off their holiday gift lists and fighting crowds at the mall, Oak Crest residents are getting into the true spirit of the season by helping those in need.

Genealogists discover more about themselves as they unearth their family trees

When Mike Eder began researching his mother s family, all he really knew about his maternal great-grandfather was that he had a thick German accent and a wooden leg. Then one day he hit pay dirt.

Parkville golfers hit the links for a good cause

An avid golfer, Bob Hope once said, "If you watch a game, it s fun. If you play it, it s recreation. If you work at it, it s golf." Fortunately for golf enthusiasts who live at Oak Crest, finding a partner to hit the greens with is never hard to do.

Duckpin bowling pins

Most people live for the weekend. But Tuesday is Katherine Rigney’s favorite day of the week. That’s the day she gets to do what she loves most: bowl.

Oak Crest Director of Dining Services David Colacicco

David Colacicco is a long way from his first job at the snack bar at the Halekulani hotel in Waikiki Beach, Hawaii. But 5,000 miles and 30 years haven’t diminished his passion for food and hospitality as the new director of dining services at Oak Crest in Parkville, Md.