While her retired Oak Crest neighbors are drinking their morning coffee and working out in the fitness center, Renee Dintzis is heading to work at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. the last 36 years, Dintzis


Five months after Joan and Brooks Hubbert traded in their Towson home and moved to Oak Crest in Parkville, it was clear as a bell something was missing. [caption id="attachment_6800" align="alignright" width="300" caption="The Oak Crest Handbell Choir, which includes both experienced bell-ringers and thos


What could a retired Catholic schoolteacher stand to learn from a high school student? A heck of a lot, if you ask Joan Klug.


[caption id="attachment_3094" align="alignright" width="228" caption="Dancer Darlene Carter of Oak Crest has competed more than 200 times. She recently kicked up her heels in a national competition in Sarasota, Fla.

For the life of her, world traveler Barbara Walker couldn t understand why anyone would want to watch someone else s home videos. Then one day it hit her: There are a lot of people who have traveled throughout their life and for whatever reason are no longer able to, says Walker. My videos allow them to revisit places they ve been and travel to places they ve never seen before.

[caption id="attachment_2089" align="alignright" width="280" caption="Instructor Mike Pilachowski demonstrates a series of fluid movements during the Thursday tai chi class at Oak Crest."]

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Oak Crest recently held its second annual Canine Cup competition for those who live and work at the Parkville community to celebrate their best friends. Sponsors of the event included PETCO.


If you consider yourself a happy and successful person, you might want to thank your family. Doctors at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles say the relationship you have with your family may be the key to a long and joyful life.

Seventy years after Judy Garland clicked her ruby red slippers and chanted, There s no place like home, in The Wizard of Oz, the expression still rings true. Home is the place where we relax, laugh, and spend time surrounded by the people and things near to our hearts.