headshot of new sales director at Oak Crest

It has been eight years since Jim Antonakos began his career at Crest as health insurance resource manager for Erickson Advantage, the Medicare Advantage plan offered to Erickson Living residents.

Oak Crest resident Daniel Kott charges his Toyota Prius Hybrid at the Parkville-based Erickson Living community’s new electric car charging station.

The Crest sales team receives hundreds of questions like these from prospective residents each week: “How many restaurants are there on campus?” “What is the priority list?” “Can I bring my dog with me?” 

chefs working

If variety is the spice of life, then dining at Crest is the ultimate gastronomical adventure.

grandchildren and grandparents in pool

When Gene Miller’s grandkids come to visit, they never have a dull moment. With dozens of kid-friendly amenities at Crest, the Parkville, Md., Erickson Living community where Gene lives, entertaining is a cinch for this grandfather of eight. 

couple standing outside

Former first lady Nancy Reagan once said, “…homes really are no more than the people who live in them,” a sentiment that describes exactly how Walt and Marge Stawinski have always felt about Crest, the Parkville, Md., Erickson Living commu

woman getting read to rappell

If you had to choose a phrase to capture the essence of Evelyn Schroedl, “carpe diem” would be a good choice. An avid tennis player, artist, dancer, and world traveler, the Crest resident can now add daredevil to her list. 

woman in front of picture

Maxine Marshall spends a lot of time in her kitchen. But instead of a spoon or a spatula, Maxine uses a paintbrush to satisfy her creative appetite. 

choir group

They may not keep up with the Kardashians or have hundreds of friends on Facebook, but there is one thing residents at Crest have in common with the students at Edgewood High School: their passion for singing.

woman standing in her craft room

Pat Heitmann had a successful career with the Social Security Administration, but not until she retired did she find her true calling: using her love of crafting for a good cause.