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Until last September, Judy Wax lived alone in a large family house in Silver Spring, Md. After suffering two major falls, one on the stairs and one in the driveway on the way to her car, she decided that a big house with stairs was no longer the right choice for her.

Riderwood residents

For the last few years, Jean Rhodes wanted to move to an independent living retirement community. But, her husband Lew was reluctant to sell their Wheaton, Md., house and make the move. Lew says it was fear that downsizing would be overwhelming that was holding him back.

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Among the members of Riderwood’s resident-run arts committee is one former Washington, D.C., art professional with an exceptionally impressive resume. Andrea Nicolls was the curator at the National Museum of African Art, one of the Smithsonian Institute museums. 

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Won Yin has spent much of her life with her hands in wet clay. 

She has loved making ceramics since she was young. She earned her master’s degree with a concentration in ceramics, and she turned her passion into a career by teaching ceramics and other art subjects. 

World traveler draws from experience to teach peers at Riderwood

When Trudi Niewiaroski says, It s a small world, she s not just repeating the popular idiom. She is speaking from vast personal experience and deep knowledge of different cultures. Trudi was first exposed to foreign cultures on an intimate level during the beginning of her marriage.

This adventurous traveler has seen the world—and then some

Yemen, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Gibraltar, and Corfu these are just a few of the places Bill Boyd has visited over the years. A retired Prince George s County Public School teacher, Bill began traveling actively during his summers off from work. First, he checked off all 48 of the continental United States, and in 1977, Bill took his first trip overseas, to Japan.

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David and Mae Dillon were living in Gaithersburg, Md., when they started looking at retirement communities for David s parents. The Dillons helped David s parents select a retirement community, and in the process, they also found a new home for themselves. We began to see some of the advantages for ourselves, Mae says. So we started to visit some communities near us.

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Until 2012, Betty Nava was living in an apartment in Silver Spring, Md. While her unit was newly constructed and comfortable, she says the view left a little to be desired. Outside my window was construction, dust, noise, and buses, Betty says.