My husband and I moved to Ocean City, Md., after he retired from the government, says Rita Brennan. While we loved living by the ocean, we found the winters tough, so we escaped to Florida for the colder months.

RWV crab soup on tv

[caption id="attachment_12225" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Riderwood's Executive Chef Victor Cirrincione served up a steaming bowl of crab soup to WUSA-TV anchor J.C. Hayward. "][/caption] SILVER SPRING, Md.


Certified as a wildlife habitat, complete with great horned owls, turtles, deer, foxes, pheasants, and hawks, the Riderwood community embodies a passion for conservation that is hard to match.


Nothing says Maryland like a big ole bowl of crab soup. And nothing says king of crab like winning the crab soup cook-off in a state known worldwide for its Chesapeake Bay blue crabs. [caption id="attachment_6720" align="alignright" width="280" caption="Riderwood s winning crab soup teams.


After organizing the Rockville Prime Timers for ten years, it comes as little surprise that Peter Kach would be the man behind Riderwood's popular and ever-growing singles club. Not long after I moved here, I got to thinking, he says.


This summer, the world celebrated the 40th anniversary of the famous Apollo 10, 11, and 12 missions. Each mission signified America s determination to explore new frontiers. For many living at Riderwood, the Apollo missions came at the pinnacle of their careers. Since that time, they ve dedicated themselves to remaining on the cutting edge of science and technology.


Forget about traveling over the river and through the woods. For many children, a trip to visit their grandparents is just a few miles away. And for grandparents living at Erickson communities in the D.C. area, their new lifestyle means they can spend more time doing fun and interesting activities with their grandchildren.


From left, Bill Muldoon, Shirley Dearfield, Becky Griffin, and Jim Kennedy represented the only senior living community invited to the health care forum. This summer it s all but ' impossible to turn on the ' news or read the paper without ' hearing about President ' Obama s proposed health ' care initiatives.