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From making restaurant reservations and booking travel accommodations to checking bank account balances and paying bills, it seems whatever you might need to do, “there’s an app for that.” 

Riderwood community member Marketa Ebert (third from left) competed in an international tai chi tournament over the summer. She and her teammates took home a total of 14 medals.

When Marketa Ebert moved to Riderwood in 2014, she wanted to try a new form of exercise. Shortly after she and her husband David got settled, she enrolled in tai chi classes offered on the Silver Spring, Md., campus. She immediately took a liking to the ancient Chinese martial art and decided to study it in greater depth.

Resident Pal Littleton (right) is reviving Riderwood’s ham radio station. He is pictured here in the community’s “Ham Shack” along with fellow resident hams Lee Rose (left) and Don Schmidt (center).

Like many people of his generation, Pal Littleton was licensed as an amateur, or “ham,” radio operator when he was a teenager. But as is common, Pal says “life got in the way,” and he fell away from ham radio for several decades. 

(From left) Facilities Coordinator Valerie Simms, Custom Interiors Coordinator Edward Rudock, and General Services Coordinator Mauricia White.

One of the most exciting aspects of moving to a new home is the opportunity to redecorate and update your space.

Personal Moving Consultant  Diane Thometz says home sellers can get a jump on the spring real estate market by listing their houses in March.

If you’re hoping to sell your house in the spring, what can you do now to prepare for your move? Riderwood Personal Moving Consultants Diane Thometz and Jennifer Hill say the colder months are the perfect time to begin downsizing projects—which will make your moving process much easier.

Riderwood residents and staff joined in a traditional New Orleans second line, following a local jazz ensemble. (From left) staff members Amanda Hixenbaugh, Sheena Lewis, Vikki Reyes-Spriggs, and Beverly Jackson.

Good times were rolling at Riderwood when about 225 residents and staff members gathered for the community’s annual Benevolent Care Fund gala, which raises money to assist community members who outlive their financial assets (all the details are in the Residence and Care Agreement).

Riderwood community member Kate Finan is retired from her career but continues to contribute both on and off campus as an active volunteer.

Kate Finan officially retired about six years ago. For more than 20 years, she worked as a daily money manager for older adults, helping them sort their mail, pay bills, balance their checkbooks, and manage Medicare or secondary insurance issues. She also made sure her clients had a will, power of attorney, and advance directives.

George Mishraky has worked in Riderwood’s sales office for nine years and was promoted to director of sales earlier this year.

George Mishraky has been working in Riderwood’s sales office for nine years, and earlier this year he became the director of sales. In his new role, Mishraky oversees a team of nine people and all of the activities of the sales department, which helps prospective residents make informed choices about their retirement living.

Riderwood Personal Moving Consultant Jennifer Hill (left) and Senior Move Manager Yvonne Quade of preferred vendor Let’s Move meet with Riderwood priority list members in their houses.

Most people use a real estate agent and moving company when they move. But not everyone has a personal moving consultant by their side to help them find the right professionals, decide what furniture to take, and plan every detail of their move.