Retired minister Ed Gehres gives back to the community where he lives by serving on Riderwood’s Resident Advisory Council.

After a stint as an accountant that left him feeling uninspired, Ed Gehres spent 35 years in ministry, both at a parish and as a regional administrator. In those roles, he learned firsthand that “volunteers are the lifeblood of an institution.” 

Ed and Evelyn Gehres moved from Pennsylvania to Riderwood in Silver Spring, Md. With the help of Erickson Living moving professionals, their interstate move went off without a hitch.

Moving—particularly to another state—can be logistically challenging and somewhat stressful. In 2014, Ed and Evelyn Gehres relocated from Pennsylvania to Maryland to live at Riderwood, an Erickson Living community in Silver Spring, to be near their son and his family. 

Quality food and a variety of menu selections are just part of the Riderwood dining experience. Ambience and attention to detail are equally important.

Riderwood community members recently elected Bud Bare to the community’s Resident Advisory Council (RAC), an important and influential committee that serves as a liaison between residents and staff. Bud serves as liaison for the dining committee.

Retired restaurateur and Riderwood resident Mel Krupin (right)

Maryland Comptroller Peter Franchot recently honored Mel Krupin, one of Washington, D.C.’s most iconic restaurateurs. A few months ago, Franchot presented Mel with a Certificate of Recognition, reading:

Riderwood resident Elaine Wunderlich

Before Elaine Wunderlich and her late husband decided to move to Riderwood from a townhouse in Laurel, Md., they crunched the numbers to determine which living option would be least expensive—their townhouse or Riderwood

Riderwood’s pickleball players

When a group of retirees at Riderwood started playing pickleball together in 2007, they didn’t think they’d end up on television, let alone on Finnish television.

Riderwood Jewish community members

Riderwood is home to about 450 Jewish people, representing roughly 17% of the resident population. With such a robust and active Jewish population, the resident-run Riderwood Jewish Community is able to put on a wide variety of events and activities. 

Maggie Silberstein

Until late 2014, Maggie Silberstein lived in a house in Silver Spring, Md. After her husband passed away, the house was more space than she needed. Many of her retired friends were living in one-bedroom apartments, which Maggie says seemed a bit too small for her.

Riderwood residents Allen and Natalie Slutsky

“I have never had something so easy in my entire life.” That’s how Natalie Slutsky describes her recent move to Riderwood.