Ray Roth, leader of Riderwood’s Gentlemen’s Songsters, has been singing all of his life and has a Ph.D. in music education.

Barbara and David Young moved from Leisure World to Riderwood last year.

The Acousti-Cats perform several lively shows every year for their fellow neighbors at Riderwood.

When she was a teenager, Becky Hedin learned how to play the ukulele in her Girl Scout troop. She enjoyed it but didn’t continue to play after high school.

Retired reporter, editor, and State Department information officer Jim Feldman started a resident-run publication called Riderwood Reporter at the Erickson Living community where he lives.

Plenty of retirement communities have resident newsletters. But how many can boast that their in-house publications were founded by an accomplished newspaper reporter, editor, and information officer for the U.S. Department of State?

Michelle Glodeck was recently promoted to director of resident life at Riderwood. She brings more than twenty years of experience to the important position.

Riderwood has a new director of resident life, and she brings nearly a quarter of a century of rich experience to the position. Michelle Glodeck, who previously served as a manager in Riderwood’s resident life department, was promoted to director last fall. 

Riderwood resident Ion Deaton published a book about his journey growing up in the hills of Appalachia. He currently leads the Silver Spring, Md., Erickson Living community’s writers guild.

At some point in their lives, many people feel the desire to try their hand at writing. After all, even if your career was in an unrelated field—say science, technology or academia—you probably still had some opportunities to write. And if you enjoyed it, then you might be tempted to find out if you’re any good.

Riderwood held a ribbon-cutting ceremony in November to open The Glen at Orchard Point.

Last November, Riderwood expanded its retirement living by opening The Glen at Orchard Point, which features the largest assisted living apartments in the area. 

Members of the Riderwood Sustainability Committee.

When it comes to protecting the earth and its natural resources, the people living and working at Riderwood are most definitely doing their part.

Riderwood resident Betty Ford started an informal monthly get-together for fellow artists to get to known one another and discuss their art.

About five years ago, Betty Ford displayed a painting she had created on a shelf outside the front door of her Riderwood apartment home.