Members of Riderwood’s African-American History in red


Heart disease continues to claim the lives of hundreds of thousands of people in the U.S. every year. That’s why residents at

woman helping to declutter a house


After a long and chilly winter, many of us are eager to throw open the windows and start clearing out some of the clutter that’s accumulated while we’ve been hibernating indoors. If you’re retired and considering moving to a smaller home at some point, spring is an ideal time to jump start your downsizing process. 

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We all know how important it is to stay physically fit. But that usually doesn’t make it any easier to get to the gym. Many people who made New Year’s resolutions to exercise more often have already fallen back into old, sedentary routines. 

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February and March can often feel very much like the dead of winter. But those two months are actually the start of the spring real estate selling season and, according to Riderwood Personal Moving Consultant Diane Thometz, they are prime time for successfully selling your house.

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Todd and Dorothy Wendler lived at Heritage Harbour, a 55-plus community in Annapolis, Md., for 25 years, but two years ago they decided to move to

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Research shows that regular exercise is one of the key components to longevity and staying healthy as you age. Lucille Kerner is a living, breathing testament to that research. The sprightly 85-year-old swims almost every morning and regularly rides a stationary bike.

residents from the Sub Deb Club

Sometimes, friendships formed in high school can be fleeting. That is certainly not the case for Riderwood residents Jo Fannon and Jennie Bauer who, along with ten other women, have been friends for 73 years.

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“I can’t wait for the first snowfall,” Marilyn Miller says.