Riderwood resident

Meyer Fishbein is a self-described “news junkie.” The New York native says that in second grade, he began reading the newspaper instead of the books his peers were reading. He continues to be an avid consumer of news to this day. 

“Some people enjoy sports,” he says. “My sport is politics.”

Riderwood apartment home

Having a stylish and comfortable home isn’t necessarily about having a ton of space. If you decide to downsize, you don’t have to sacrifice style because you’re living in a smaller home.

In fact, a good interior decorator has a few tricks up her sleeve to maximize smaller spaces and help retirees seamlessly blend treasured older furniture with new, modern pieces.

Sally Sager and Christy Andrus

There is a sort of  “changing of the guard” under way at Riderwood. Long-time Sales Counselor Sally Sager, who has helped thousands of retirees with their move to Rid..., has decided to retire herself. 

Riderwood resident

The chance to live among other talented artists is one of the reasons Jo Handerson was attracted to Rid.... “There are some wonderful artists at Riderwood,” she says. “It’s truly amazing how many there are.”

Riderwood bocce

Music is powerful. It can inspire us, move us to tears, get us up on our feet to dance, and even help us to heal. That is why Rid... offers music therapy for the people living in its continuing care community, Arbor Ridge.