Playing card games is one of many ways people who live at Seabrook get to know each other. Do you remember Deborah Kerr singing Getting to Know You in the King and I Richard Rogers and Oscar Hammerstein s 1951 Broadway musical with Yul Brynner?


Residents Bene and Harold Seldin have a greater appreciation for Macbeth since participating in SCAN s weekly Shakespeare appreciation class held at the Seabrook campus in Tinton Falls. The call for health and well-being can be heard from the mountainside of Pompton Plains every Friday around 10 a.m. Literally. That s when Dr.

Lou Bopp remembers his first boat like it was yesterday. He was eight years old, and the 11 1/2 ft. pleasure cruiser that started out as a rowboat was reinvented over the years into a sailboat and finally a motorboat. I guess you could say that s when it all started, Bopp says. I ve always loved being on and living near the water, tinkering with engines, always working on boats.
Some adults don t like to wear patriotism on their sleeves, but for the residents of Seabrook, in Tinton Falls, and Cedar Crest, in Pompton Plains, acts of patriotism come naturally throughout the entire year. We are so fortunate to have residents, many of whom are veterans, who volunteer in a variety of ways, says Seabrook Volunteer Program Coordinator Ann Marie Matthews.