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If two words could best describe Richard Wojdyla, they’d be “world traveler.”

“I’ve been all over Europe, a few countries in South America, the Caribbean, a few in Asia. Over the years I’ve been to about 50 countries. Egypt, Kenya, and Tunisia.”

Tina Ellis says her two cats, Kylee and Darla (Darla's pictured here), have even become more social living at Seabrook.

When Tina Ellis received a call earlier than she had expected that an apartment home had become available at Seabrook, the first thought that entered her mind was, “Why wait a year?”

Jackie Cole says Seabrook’s full activities calendar and vibrant population keep her from getting the winter blues.

An Arctic blast blew in frigid temperatures last winter from December to January, and the cold seemed to linger right through spring. Many cities in the East experienced the coldest January on record, including those in New York and New Jersey. 

Sandra Stander poses with her garden

Last year, when Sandra Stander first planted a perennial garden on the grounds of her new community, Seabrook, she was so excited to enjoy it herself that she didn’t realize how positively it would affect other people.

Rosalie Gelernt enjoys apartment living

Apartment living is the life for Rosalie Gelernt. A New York City native, Rosalie says she appreciates the underestimated benefits of apartment living—a simpler lifestyle that allows her to live exactly the way she wants.

It’s a lifestyle that’s growing in popularity among older adults.

an American Flag

Jackie Cole

Being an American means having the freedom to decide what I want for myself and not to be told what to do. And for me, I think it’s the experience of meeting people from all over the world. I was fortunate enough to be able to travel once I reached my 60s. The more you travel, the more you find that everybody is basically the same.

Willy and Karin Goedeke traveling

Summer’s high temps can be brutal. But you don’t have to just sit around inside all day. Community members who live at Seabrook stay active year-round, regardless of the weather.

Anita Nixon and her neighbors founded Retired Teachers at Seabrook, an organization that stays abreast of current educational issues and volunteers their time for education causes.

As a young girl, Anita Nixon would set her dolls up at tiny make-believe desks and teach them reading and math from the front of a “classroom” in her childhood home. Her sister would tend to the dolls’ wounds and illnesses. 

Mary Ann and Nick Cammarano pose in their custom Seabrook home

Like many people looking to rightsize for retirement, Nick and Mary Ann Cammarano were initially hesitant to make a drastic change from their single-family home to lighter living. Two years after jumping on an opportunity—or two—they wouldn’t change a thing.