Jack Coogan and Jeanne McArthur serve on Seabrook’s finance committee. Both say the Erickson Living community is a smart financial decision—one of seven top reasons people choose the Tinton Falls, N.J., community.

What are your retirement priorities? Maybe you dream of living maintenance-free. Or perhaps you’re more practical and want the peace of mind continuing care provides. Do you look for sound financial investments? Or maybe you look for interest groups and social interaction.

Benjamin Stewart (right) revisits a site in Italy where he served in WWII. With him are his wife Mary (second from right) and Seabrook neighbor Josephine Arminio (second from left), who owns a house in Diecimo.

Seabrook is known for its vibrant activities, maintenance-free lifestyle, and spacious apartment homes. While people moving to the Tinton Falls, N.J., Erickson Living community expect all that, they often don’t expect one of the best aspects about life at Seabrook: friendship. 

Seabrook’s solar field faces south at a tilt of 10 degrees. The height of the back panel stands approximately 7 ½ feet high. It will produce approximately 20%–25% of Seabrook’s annual electric load.

Seabrook has joined Fortune 500 companies such as Walmart, Macy’s, and IKEA, along with hundreds of other U.S. businesses that have gone solar. Together, they contribute to offsetting 890,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions each year. 

Larry Katz, leader of the Conservative Club at Seabrook, spent about 35 years in politics in Staten Island, N.Y.

Regardless of their political differences, one thing both the Conservative Club and Liberal/Progressive Club of Seabrook have in common is that they encourage people of all ages to vote. 

Cousins-in-law Jane (left) and Helen Degnan cohost Seabrook Today, a daily live show, every other week for the community’s in-house television station.

Cousins-in-law Jane and Helen Degnan are closer now than they have been since they were teenagers.

Les Carr (right) buys fresh produce from local farmer Jennifer Scarborough.

Les Carr (right) buys fresh produce from local farmer Jennifer Scarborough at the weekly farmer’s market held at Seabrook in Tinton Falls, N.J. 

Frank and Jo Cutler moved to one-level living at Seabrook in April from their house in Eatontown, N.J.

Twelve years ago, one of the black labs that Seeing Eye Dog trainers Frank and Jo Cutler had trained was rejected from the program due to an eye defect that restricted her peripheral vision. 

They kept her anyway.

(From left) Seabrook Performers Amelia Raziano, Assunta Lee, Marion Kleiner, Cynthia Gerstenberg, and Leo Heiden sing during a dress rehearsal for World of Cervantes in June.

The curtain rises and reveals a stage full of people frozen in time—except for one, Miguel de Cervantes, played by lifelong producer and director Lindo Meli. As Lindo recites his lines, he taps each character with his lance, and they spring to life.   

When you schedule a visit to Seabrook, you’ll meet Sales Counselor Dennise Baldwin (left) and Sales Associate Kristin Phillips, who both came to the Tinton Falls, N.J., Erickson Living community because family members worked and lived there.

If you haven’t visited Seabrook lately, you’ll want to schedule a visit. The Tinton Falls, N.J., community has some exciting news to share. (Seabrook is also stunning this time of year—the grounds crew keeps the 98-acre campus spotless and bursting with colorful blooms.)