Pat Driscoll (right) interviews Joseph Bennett on Seabrook Lives. New interchangeable vinyl panels or “skins,” comfortable chairs, and modern décor create a professional set for the shows produced in Seabrook’s newly renovated TV studio.

Ruth Lebo says Seabrook’s on-campus TV studio is a hidden gem. Nowadays, it’s shining a lot brighter and getting a lot more attention.

Seabrook priority list member Jim McCorkel (left) teaches qigong to Bernard Degnan and Bea Yeamans, who live at the Tinton Falls, N.J., community.

When Ben Yeh moved to Seabrook 13 years ago and started teaching tai chi, he simply did it to contribute to his fellow community members and “because I have to exercise myself, too,” he says.

Seabrook employee Valerie Simms (left) with resident Rosalind Van Bloem,.

Earlier this year, President Obama announced a new initiative to increase employment for America’s young people. The Summer Opportunity Project aims to “get young people into their first jobs and create strong transitions between school years and from high school to college and careers,” he wrote in a LinkedIn post announcing the initiative on February 25.

(From left) Seabrook Volunteer Program Coordinator Judy Seger awards Marcia and Bill Rubin the M.O.V.E.R. Award for volunteer service, alongside Associate Executive Director Todd Delaney.

It’s National Volunteer Month—a time to improve your health.


Hosts of The Girls (from left): Judy Tier, Rona Mininni, Judy Sullivan, and Amy Volz.

Judy Sullivan never imagined forming strong friendships at this stage in her life. In her 70s, she thought she had already made the friends of her lifetime.

Amy Volz felt the same way. So did Barbara Kouri.

The Brighton apartment home

Seabrook may be 18 years old this November, but its apartments don’t look it.  This year, all available inventory at the Tinton Falls, N.J., Erickson Living community will receive a dramatic facelift—bringing the homes up to today’s aesthetic design standards.


In the second of a series on faith and faith communities, we focus on the Protestant community at Seabrook, in Tinton Falls, N.J.

Lou Rivera shows his iPad art at a local art show.

Equipped with just his finger—or sometimes a stylus—

Personal Moving Consultant Laurie Williams

Laurie Williamson has one of the most fulfilling jobs on the planet. She has turned moving into a manageable process for more than 425 retirees who now live at