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Home design trends have shifted over the years. Recently, new homes are moving away from the boxy rooms, narrow hallways, and separate living and dining rooms of years past in favor of larger, more open, flexible spaces. 

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For Art Strohmer, Erickson Living is a family tradition. A Seabrook resident since November 2011, Art has six other family members who have chosen to live at an Erickson Living community. 

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In June, home purchase contracts hit the highest amount since April 2006. Nearly 10,000 contracts reflected a 24% increase compared to April 2014. 

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Introverts often say they never quite fit in. They’re a “loner” or an “outcast.” They tend to fear large groups of people. But for introvert Amy Volz, a large population was exactly what she needed to feel comfortable as she transitioned into retirement. 


Real estate professionals throughout New Jersey report a strong real market, and they don’t expect it to ebb soon. According to Jeffrey Otteau, a Central Jersey-based appraiser, home sales were up 19% in April 2015 over April 2014. What’s more, sale prices are up over last year. 

Seabrook resident with dog

With hundreds of choices, selecting the retirement community that best fits your needs and lifestyle can be overwhelming. But often, common myths about retirement communities can cloud your judgment.

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Less than ten years ago, before the housing bubble burst, the size of people’s homes helped define their financial success. Yet, now, as the housing market rebounds, more and more people are choosing living accommodations that more reasonably address their personal needs.