Community member Jill Jones reviews a schematic of Fountain View, Tallgrass Creek’s new residence building, currently under construction.

The Tallgrass Creek sales team welcomes guests daily as they arrive to tour the Overland Park, Kans. community and learn more about Fountain View, the new residence building currently under construction. 

Bunny Brown (from left) and Fran Wolfe (center) receive cookies from Georgia Erickson, one of many Tallgrass Creek neighbors who bakes cookies each month that are included in lunches the homeless.

Around the middle of each month, the smell of freshly baked cookies fills the air in Tallgrass Creek’s resident life office. That is because the office is filled with literally thousands of cookies dropped off by community members, fresh from their own ovens.  

Tallgrass Creek fitness instructor Camin Bell (center) leads the Men’s Only Strength Training classes each week to a roomful of enthusiastic participants.  

When Carolyn Stiles moved to Tallgrass Creek several years ago, she didn’t know she would discover a creative outlet that would add greatly to her life.   

Harlan Stamper performs with his daughter and granddaughters during karaoke. He is wearing a blue checked shirt with a red vest and everyone is wearing a Christmas related hat.

Harlan Stamper performs with his daughter and granddaughters during a rambunctious night of karaoke at Tallgrass Creek, an Erickson Living-managed community in Overland Park, Kans.

A large group of people, including a mix of men and women of all ages, celebrate wearing red shirts with the Chiefs logo.

Tallgrass Creek residents and staff celebrated with fans around the entire country when the Kansas City Chiefs brought home the Lombardi trophy from Super Bowl LIV in Miami, Fla. Residents enjoyed a lively traditional barbecue tailgate gathering earlier when the Chiefs won the AFC Championship in January.

Residents (from left) Jill Jones, Judy Higginbotham, and Jane Watts relax after spending time in the hot tub connected to Tallgrass Creek’s temperature-controlled pool.

Though winter weather in Kansas can be frightful, exercising in Tallgrass Creek’s indoor temperature-controlled pool is quite delightful.

Residents Carole Pugsley, Rich McCartney, Pat McCartney, Donna Hackett, Sales Associate Neyam Manohar, and resident Karen Cox are in front of an overview of Fountain View, Tallgrass Creek’s new residence building currently under construction. 

The landscape of Tallgrass Creek’s beautiful 65-acre campus changes daily as Fountain View, the Erickson Living-managed community’s new residence building, takes shape.

Elaine Alexander (left) and Karen Norman sit in front of several Quilts of Valor they helped create. Tallgrass Creek quilters have created 178 quilts since 2008 for veterans at the Overland Park, Kans. community.

"Welcome, fellow Americans.”

So began Tallgrass Creek’s annual Veterans Day celebration as U.S. Navy veteran Bob Butterworth welcomed a standing-room-only gathering of his fellow community members. 

Resident ambassadors (from left) Carole Pugsley, Rich and Pat McCartney, Donna Hackett, and Sales Associate Neyam Manohar pause while reviewing a schematic of Fountain View, Tallgrass Creek’s new residence building now under construction.

It was all about celebration and festive fountains when 200 priority list members gathered at Tallgrass Creek to learn about Fountain View, the community’s newest residence building. 

Fountain View is currently under construction on the Overland Park, Kans., campus with expected completion this fall.