Question: What do an electrical engineer, pharmacist, financial services district manager, and psychologist have in common other than they all live at Tallgrass Creek? [caption id="attachment_14548" align="alignright" width="280" caption="The camera crew at Tallgrass Creek includes John Hall, Davis Ross, Dave Maze, and Dick Knapp.


Joan Smith and her husband moved to Bella Vista, an Arkansas neighborhood formed as a retirement community, in 1998.


The residents of Tallgrass Creek have one thing in common: They all moved from somewhere else. But there are moves and then there are moves. Take Dorothy Paton, who moved to the community in 2007. Not from a different neighborhood or state, but from another country, her beloved Scotland.


Trudy Brown spent her career as the executive assistant to the chairman of a large engineering firm. But in her spare time, she was working in watercolors. [caption id="attachment_13877" align="alignright" width="280" caption="Artist Trudy Brown (right), who lives at Tallgrass Creek, presents an original portrait she created for Kansas City-area singer Ashley Cooper.


Jack Dritley has been golfing for most of his life. Now that he s retired, he plays at least twice a week and volunteers as a marshal another two days of the week. [caption id="attachment_13881" align="alignright" width="280" caption="Left to right: Jim Graham, Lucille Jones, Wanda Williams, Don Grady, Dale Albers, Lynn Brown, Jack Dritley, Herb McCauley.


[caption id="attachment_13517" align="alignright" width="280" caption="The evening of fashion ended with several residents modeling red, white, and blue to a patriotic medley. From left to right are Bob Van Landingham, Katie Bohannan, Jack Dritley, Joyce Gaddis, Norma Schonwetter, Bill Shurtleff, and Sandy Daigneaux.


[caption id="attachment_13514" align="alignright" width="280" caption="Austin Welsh, M.D., checks out Tallgrass Creek resident Bo Bohannan. Welsh has been the community s medical director since it opened in October 2007."]


If you drive through the main entrance of Tallgrass Creek and look northward, you will notice a charmingly fenced, cottage-like area. If you peek behind the fence on a sunny Kansas day, you will see several of the community s residents planting, weeding, or harvesting in plentiful, beautifully-maintained gardens.


When Erickson executives say they value the input of residents, it s not just lip service. As evidence, the company recently began electing residents to serve on the communities boards of directors.