Folks can now get answers to all their questions about Tallgrass Creek, the local real estate market, or Erickson Realty & Moving Services by meeting with just one person Judy Baxter. With me wearing two hats, says Baxter, we ve simplified and streamlined the process for people to move to Tallgrass Creek.

At Tallgrass Creek, wellness isn t just about being healthy; it s about living well.
KS_0809_learning_john belden

"John Belden" When John Belden kept reading about the changing face of print communication, from newspapers to newsmagazines, he didn t see a dying breed; he saw an opportunity.

KS_0809_learning_john belden

John Belden doesn t just like being Several Tallgrass Creek residents raised their hands to take an educational bus tour that included barbeque, blues, and jazz. This photo was featured in the KU Osher Lifelong Learning Institute s fall catalog. involved in the community where he lives; for him, getting active was as important as unpacking after moving there last year.

From corn hole and ladder ball to bocce and golf, Tallgrass Creek Olympians truly aimed for victory. Held June 4 on the community s groomed grounds, the annual Tallgrass Creek Olympics brought neighbors together for classic fun and games with a little healthy competition.
In the social web of Tallgrass Creek, Mary Lou Vest is its butterfly. As she rattles off names of her neighbors, the lines of friendship overlap and the names get lost amidst how she knows each one so well. It s six degrees of separation, she says.
Tallgrass Creek didn t need years of experience to get things right. Open just under two years, the full-service community in Overland Park achieved an unprecedented 90.7% satisfaction among the people who live there in its 2008 resident satisfaction survey.