Tallgrass Creek medical center physician Royce Dunn, M.D. (left), meets resident Sharad Gavankar at a recent open house hosted by the medical center. Sharad, also a physician, practiced psychiatry before retiring.

When Dot Kleikamp has an appointment with her doctor, she doesn’t need to worry about traffic, parking, or weather. The Tallgrass Creek medical center, where her doctor practices, is just a short walk from her home at the Overland Park, Kans., Erickson Living community.

Pam Allen (left) listens closely as Tallgrass Creek’s art instructor, Alysia Quisenberry Carter, explains and demonstrates how to paint using watercolors.

It’s never too late to learn something new according to some residents who, after moving to Tallgrass Creek, are discovering their inner artist.    

“I’ve always wanted to learn to paint, and the lessons are right here,” says Sharon Slagle, who recently signed up for a beginner watercolor class.

Sales Counselor Elaine Bahr (right) shows Joe and Cozette Spurney where their new home is located in Hummingbird Square, Tallgrass Creek’s newest residence building. The Spurneys just moved to Tallgrass Creek in March.

Tallgrass Creek Sales Counselor Elaine Bahr has several accomplishments under her belt, but one stands out.

“I’ve had the honor of introducing Tallgrass Creek to so many people, including almost everyone who moved these past few months to Hummingbird Square,” says Bahr. “I’ve met some amazing people with amazing stories.”   

Reviewing the 121-page booklet A History and Story of Tallgrass Creek are (clockwise from left) Larry Hanna, Dennis McCurdy, Bill Converse, Carol McCurdy, Debbie Williamson, Max Evans, and Jean Janecek.

The group above is part of Tallgrass Creek’s Writing Club and wrote A History and Story of Tallgrass Creek, which was distributed during Tallgrass Creek’s ten-year anniversary celebration.

Other contributors not pictured include Jim Crumpler, Clara Franz, Deanna Marquette, Linda Schur, Flossie Shattuck, and Jim Hanson.

Jim Neihart tunes up with chime in hand as he prepares to teach the hand chime choir he started at Tallgrass Creek.

When Jim Neihart moved to Tallgrass Creek, it didn’t take him long to do what he does best: share his longtime passion for music. Since he already had a set of hand chimes, Jim decided to start a hand chime choir, something he had done before.   

Tallgrass Creek resident Jane Watts (left) and Personal Moving Consultant Nancy Worthington share the merits of the Erickson Realty and Moving Services with residents planning moves to Tallgrass Creek later this year.

Before moving to Tallgrass Creek a few months ago, Jane Watts made an important decision.

“I decided to use Tallgrass Creek’s recommended realty and moving services, which simplified my move immensely,” says Jane.

Judy Moecker utilized an Erickson Living-recommended real estate agent, downsizing organization, and moving company for her move to Hummingbird Square, a new residence building at Tallgrass Creek in Overland Park, Kans.

When Judy Moecker began thinking about moving to a retirement community, she knew Tallgrass Creek in Overland Park, Kans., was the place for her.

“It was right in my neighborhood,” says Judy. “I never had any doubt it was where I wanted to be.”

Barbara Hise uses this bowl-shaped bell to begin and end the meditation class she teaches at Tallgrass Creek.

Barbara Hise decided to teach a meditation class at Tallgrass Creek before she even moved there.

(From left) Tallgrass Creek neighbors Linda Schur, Imogene Player, Nancy Bird, Bill and Amy Case, and Mary Jo Ely mingle at a new resident orientation.

New neighbors at Tallgrass Creek are feeling right at home thanks to the warm welcome they continue to receive from both residents and staff.