(from left) Judy Condray, Judy Turner, and Georgia Oehrle dance the Macarena

Demonstrating the Macarena at Tallgrass Creek’s annual talent show are (from left) Judy Condray, Judy Turner, and Georgia Oehrle. This year’s show highlighted 23 performances that included singing, dancing, poetry reading, stand-up comedy, and hand chime and ukulele performances.

Esther Dritley (left) and Joann Harper pot plants, one of the activities during Tallgrass Creek’s Senior Fitness Days celebration.

If you ask Resident Life Manager Jan Magee what her position at Tallgrass Creek is all about, she is quick to respond. 

“All the fun stuff,” laughs Magee. “And there’s a lot of it.”

Tallgrass Creek Design Center Coordinator Rebecca Edlund (right) welcomes residents (from left) Sharon Slagle and Wanda Jones to an open house for the new design center where much of the latest in interior design is displayed.

If you are curious about current trends in interior design, look no further than Tallgrass Creek’s new design center. Custom Interiors Coordinator Rebecca Edlund manages the center and works with residents to design just the look and feel they want in their home. 

Preparing to introduce a lecture from The Great Courses series are (from left) Joan Grant, Harlan Brockman, and Dee Berry.

It is 10 a.m. on a Saturday morning, and class is in session at Tallgrass Creek.  

Future resident Judy Oberkrom (right) and Sales Associate Sue LaBelle take a break from Tallgrass Creek’s Home Resources Expo to enjoy a delicious buffet of assorted finger foods.

Earlier this year, the Tallgrass Creek sales team welcomed about 150 guests, to learn firsthand how easy and affordable a move to the Overland Park, Kans., retirement community can be. 

Smiling for the camera during one of the water exercise classes in Tallgrass Creek’s indoor, temperature-controlled pool are (from left) Donna Kempin, Sharad Gavankar, Al Pugsley, Anne Kyle, and Fitness Specialist Dawn Aronoff, who leads the class.

A day with no exercise is a rarity for Sharad Gavankar. Sharad is a familiar face, attending upwards of 12 land- and water-based exercise classes each week, all designed and led by Tallgrass Creek fitness experts Camin Bell and Dawn Aronoff.

Jan Ericson teaches piano lessons at a private studio she leases about three miles from her home at Tallgrass Creek in Overland Park, Kans.

Three afternoons a week, Jan Ericson leaves her home at Tallgrass Creek in Overland Park, Kans., and heads to a private piano studio located about three miles away. 

“It’s my ‘office,’” smiles Jan. “I teach piano lessons to young people, and I love it.”

Tallgrass Creek community members who live in Hummingbird Square share their experiences with future Goldfinch Lane neighbors. (From left): Bob Butterworth, Judy Higginbotham, Linda Peltzer, and Greg Svoboda. Sales Director Blake Marshall (right) kicked o

As the saying goes, “If you want answers, go to the source.”

A roomful of future Tallgrass Creek neighbors did just that earlier this year when they attended a panel and questioned current community members about their downsizing and moving experiences.

Future Tallgrass Creek resident Jan Meyer (far right) chats with Erickson Living-approved real estate agents (from left) Julie Gadwood, Ron Yaffe, Michael Hagen, and Sherry Hines.

Finding the right real estate agent can be a tricky process. With agents advertising on the Internet, television, through the mail, on billboards, even on bus stop benches, it’s hard to know who’s who.