Mt. Rosa Court opens next month with 126 apartment homes in 17 different styles. One of the most popular is the two bedroom, two-bath with balcony Jameson style pictured here.

Wind Crest will soon open its final residence building in the current phase of community development, Mt. Rosa Court.

Fran and Bill Myers may have downsized when they moved to Wind Crest, but their new home still holds what matters, including Fran’s grand piano.

Bill and Fran Myers were Wind Crest ambassadors ten years before moving to the Highlands Ranch, Colo., Erickson Living community. Now that they’ve lived there for nearly a year, all their expectations have been confirmed—and they have a gaggle of friends to pal around with along with all the new ones they make daily.

Residents maintain container gardens on The High Line Overlook patio.

Soon the snow will melt and the perennials Judy Puckett planted last summer behind Parry Landing, the residence building at Wind Crest, will begin to poke up through the ground.

Judy, a lifelong gardener who moved to Wind Crest from the foothills in Jenesee, Colo., planted perennials native to Colorado, including yarrow, lupine, and Russian sage, among others.

When they’re not traveling, Mark Hogan and Sandra Scott enjoy walking their Wheaton terrier Maud among the manicured grounds and High Line Canal Trail that bisects Wind Crest’s campus.

When Sandra Scott and Mark Hogan started considering where they’d spend their retirement, they gave it plenty of thought—a few years of thoughtful research, in fact. And while they made the decision on their own, they wanted to ensure their family and friends understood and respected their choice.

Longtime friends and neighbors Libby Griffith (left) and Pat Morris researched their next homes together and both decided on Wind Crest. They agree it’s the best decision they’ve made for this chapter in their lives.

Neighbors and friends Libby Griffith and Pat Morris moved to Wind Crest from the same Denver high rise just over a year ago. They’re both satisfied with their move and say it’s the best decision they’ve made for this stage of their lives.

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Life just got even more convenient for people who live at Wind Crest

(From left) Marianne Nolan and Charlotte Radcliffe chat with Moriah White, a former student server who received two college scholarships from Ann’s Choice this June.

At Ann’s Choice, Erickson Living’s retirement community in Bucks County, Pa., neighbors form friendships with one another and with the high school students who take their orders and serve their meals in the community’s five restaurants.

Photo of a female resident in a community garden, one of the many amenities at Wind Crest.

The living room in Wind Crest’s clubhouse buzzes with conversation as people researching their retirement living options gather in several groups of 10 to 12. A resident ambassador answers questions about life at the Erickson Living community in Highlands Ranch, Colo.

Personal Moving Consultant Beth Brandenburg meets with prospective residents in their home, armed with a magnetic floor plan of their new apartment at Wind Crest.

When it comes to moving, you can find apps that will keep you organized through packing, painting, and moving. 

But how do you keep all those apps organized? And what happens if you’re not app or tech savvy?