Denver Broncos rally at Wind Crest

Wind Crest residents and staff turned their Rocky Mountains locale into a virtual sea of orange as they cheered their beloved Denver Broncos onto a Super Bowl victory over the Carolina Panthers on February 7.

Wind Crest Personal Moving Consultant Beth Brandenburg

Real estate publications have been reporting the top five real estate trends to expect this year since early December 2015, but now that the spring market is shifting into high gear, what do those trends mean to people selling now?

Wind Crest in Highlands Ranch overlooks all of Douglas County and beyond.

Denver, Colo., and nearby Douglas County are sweeping top ten lists left and right. From scoring No. 2 on Huffington Post’s “10 best counties in America” to earning sixth place in’s 2015 survey of the “10 best cities to retire,” the area is a boon for retirees. 

Carole Schneider, Wind Crest resident

During the month of September, nearly 700 Erickson Living residents, staff, family, and friends walked more than 65,000 miles—effectively circling the globe at the equator almost three times. Walking was measured in three categories: percentage of walkers, percentage of countries and states, and percentage of miles walked.

Father-son duo Simon and Son

Wind Crest’s new 230-seat Arts and Enrichment Center hosted its grand opening performance, world-class father-son piano duo Simon and Son, on November 16. Peter and Saling Simon treated audience members to a heartwarming evening of popular and classical music. 

PMC Beth Brandenburg (right) with Wilma DeBoer

Beth Brandenburg has one of the most fulfilling jobs on the planet. She has turned moving into a manageable process for the more than 1,100 retirees who now live at Wind Crest, the Erickson Living community in Highlands Ranch, Colo.

Nearly paralyzed by post-polio syndrome since 1992, Dr. Severance Kelley relearned to ski using a sit-ski and two short outrigger ski poles at the National Sports Center for the Disabled at Winter Park, Colo.

Remember Dr. Severance Kelley? The nearly paralyzed Wind Crest resident who decided to hit the slopes? 

Bill Moore and Sharon Fredrick have traveled extensively and look forward to meeting fellow travelers at Wind Crest.

Bill Moore and Sharon Fredrick planned ahead. And it paid off. 

Landscape Photo by Bill Carlson

Browsing through Bill Carlson’s landscape photography from over the past 50 years—presented in his newest book, From Delicate Lily Pads to Sculptured Peaks—it’s no surprise that he realized a deep appreciation for nature at a young age. 

“I was always out noticing the wind direction and the clouds,” he says.