Linden Ponds
Native red corn

Virginia Bartlett s inspiration for her latest lifelong learning course came from a conversation with a friend who had just returned from a road trip across the United States. The friend, who hails from England, remarked about the exorbitant amount of fast food she had eaten along the way. I thought, Dear heaven, is this the way we re going to be remembered? Virginia recalls.

SBV.Painting Project.Chris Labno

There is a group of Seabrook staff members who not only excel at their jobs but go above and beyond outside the workplace when it comes to doing good deeds.

Linden Ponds

Though he traced his wife s family history from Europe to North America, Jim Carr says the search was largely conducted from the comfort of the couple s Linden Ponds apartment home.

Ashby Ponds

Ashby Ponds to host Oktoberfest

In addition to preparing delicious meals daily, the culinary experts atAshby Ponds Blue Sky Restaurant and Robin s Nest Caf host special themed din
Fox Run

Two years ago, Fox Run resident Thomas Cain seriously damaged his right knee when he fell down some stairs at his daughter s home in Novi. Before the accident, I was a pretty healthy guy, he says.

Linden Ponds

One secret project made its debut at Linden Ponds last month, exposing the work of more than 12 women who live in the community. The Linden Ponds 2011 calendar is now available, featuring the Ladies of Linden Ponds in photographs that reveal a little skin and a lot of personality.

Wind Crest
Listen to a selection from Phyllis' 2006 Recording: [mp3_embed blog_plyrs="2"] [caption id="attachment_14343" align="alignright" width="224" caption="Wind Crest s Phyllis Pegram has been playing the marimba for over 70 years. She has memorized more than 40 songs on the percussion instrument.
Wind Crest

The Wind Crest Garden Club has experienced its first season, and though there have been some growing pains, both residents and staff are hopeful for a fruitful and flourishing future.

Oak Crest

Evelyn Schroedl refuses to act her age. When the 92-year-old resident of Oak Crest is not dancing the tango, she s out on the tennis courts delivering a swing that would give most 20-something s a run for their money.