Wind Crest
Everyone has heard the myth that pets and their owners look alike. But now there s research saying they could even act the same. [caption id="attachment_7114" align="alignright" width="280" caption="Marlene O Neal says she and her cat, Peggy Sue, are two peas in a pod. Both live and investigate the world at Wind Crest. (Photo by Beth Brandenburg)"][/caption] A recent study...
Wind Crest
Each morning before breakfast, Phyllis Clark can be found logging miles on a treadmill in the Wind Crest fitness center. For Clark, the treadmill represents her philosophy about life. You ve got to keep moving, the sprightly 92-year-old says. Even for those who haven t laced up their running shoes lately, Clark says it s never to late to begin. I didn t start running until I...
Maris Grove
Working after retirement allows people to explore their true passions because, let s face it, a passion doesn t always translate to a profession. But during retirement, anything goes, and that s just one of the beauties of this stage in life. You can do work for the love of it, for the love of people, and you can choose your own schedule. [caption id="attachment_7260" align="alignright...
The world-famous Rockette dancers had better watch out. They have some competition at Seabrook , where one group of residents is kicking harder than the rest. [caption id="attachment_7256" align="alignright" width="280" caption="Dancercisers at Seabrook practice their routine of choreographed moves for an aerobic workout. We re not the Rockettes, says Vi Masterson, but we re pretty...
You could say that John and Mary Oxenham s hobby is for the birds, but the truth is, the unique birdhouses they create bring just as much joy to the people who receive them as the birds who call them home.
Oak Crest
While her retired Oak Crest neighbors are drinking their morning coffee and working out in the fitness center, Renee Dintzis is heading to work at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. the last 36 years, Dintzis an associate professor in the department of cell biology has taught medical and graduate students how to recognize the microscopic structures of the organs in the...
Seabrook was honored by Interfaith Neighbors as Outstanding Volunteer Organization of the Year at a recent dinner. [caption id="attachment_7249" align="alignright" width="280" caption="Nancy Flanigan, Rabbi Sally Priesand, and Joe Marmora of Interfaith Neighbors with Gary Engelstad (left) of Seabrook. "][/caption] Interfaith Neighbors is a nonprofit making a difference in...
Cedar Crest
With nine full marathons under his belt, at age 73, there s no stopping Cedar Crest resident and avid runner Bernie Papa. [caption id="attachment_7334" align="alignright" width="280" caption="Bernie Papa raises his arms in celebration as he crosses the finish line at the 2004 New York City Marathon. (Photo courtesy of Bernie Papa)"]
Cedar Crest
NJ_01.10_ccv award for biodieselweb
Last summer, Cedar Crest developed a technology that converts used cooking oil from its restaurants into fuel for its vehicles. Now the community has been recognized for its ingenuity by the Morris County Municipal Utilities Authority. [caption id="attachment_7251" align="alignright" width="280" caption="Pictured is the team that developed the biodiesel technology at Cedar Crest:...