Cedar Crest
Cedar Crest Dining Director Edward Wang talks turkey with resident Wanda Spallina.

Edward Wang isn’t new to the culinary world. For 30 years, he’s infiltrated the food and beverage industry.

Lantern Hill
Lantern Hill Executive Director Patricia Swan hasn’t always been in the senior housing industry. She began her career as a sales professional after graduating from the College of William and Mary with a degree in learning and memory. After nearly 20 years

When Patricia Swan envisions Lantern Hill as a completed community, she doesn’t just see the buildings, services, and amenities, she sees a partnership with the local New Providence, N.J., community. 

Lantern Hill
Erickson Living’s Lantern Hill community in New Providence, N.J., will feature 275 apartment homes and a wealth of amenities.

Bright opportunities for a vibrant and secure retirement will soon come to New Providence, N.J., when Hill opens its doors in fall 2015. 

Linden Ponds
(From left) Norm Jenkins, Mairi Fuller Bleakie, and Carol Oliver chat on the set of LPTV6’s Second Wednesdays With Mairi.

Now ten years old, Linden Ponds exists and thrives by its mission statement: “We share our gifts to create a community that celebrates life.” Opportunities abound through more than 100 diverse activity groups led by people who call Linden Ponds home.  

Linden Ponds
Led by Mary Roever, Linden Ponds’ Happy Feet Tappers practice a number to “Once in Love With Amy.”

While in conversation about her extensive background as a dancer, Mary Roever can’t help but give in to a surge of energy, springing up and tapping out a series of steps.

Maris Grove
(From right) Clerk Ruth DiSerafino shows neighbors Mary Ann Starkey, Marie Neugebauer, and Jeanne Young a new item stocked at Maris Grove’s pharmacy and convenience store.

John Erickson was ahead of the curve in providing vibrant, amenity-rich, and maintenance-free retirement living when in 1983 he established his first retirement community in Maryland. 

Maris Grove
Knitting squares for lap robes is one of Maris Grove resident Peggy Hoath’s many volunteer activities.

When people visit Grove, EricksonLiving’s community in Delaware County, Pa., most are struck by its friendliness and obvious energy. The people who live there are going places and doing things.

Maris Grove
Al and Ruth Goodman’s beautiful apartment home includes a home office where Ruth works on Yiddish translations.

Ruth and Al Goodman moved to Maris Grove from Wilmington, Del., partly because the Erickson Living community was nearby.

Mary Beth Sheehan started her new role as Seabrook’s director of dining services Feb. 1. She says table touches, like this one, provide insight and relationships needed to improve the community’s culinary program. “Plus, it’s just great to get to know all

With more than 30 years of dietetics and food service behind her, Mary Beth Sheehan looks forward to many more years of innovation and creativity in the industry.