Cedar Crest
Cedar Crest resident Ben Longo grew a 68-inch zucchini from in the community s garden and another that weighs approximately 30 pounds. [caption id="attachment_3127" align="alignright" width="280" caption="Ben Longo and his wife Helen with the zucchini he grew at Cedar Crest."]
Oak Crest
[caption id="attachment_3094" align="alignright" width="228" caption="Dancer Darlene Carter of Oak Crest has competed more than 200 times. She recently kicked up her heels in a national competition in Sarasota, Fla. (Photo by Jeff Getek)"][/caption] While dance competitions are heating up the small screen with hit shows like Dancing With The Stars and So You Think You Can Dance there s...
Brooksby Village
[caption id="attachment_3123" align="alignright" width="280" caption="Hingham town historian Winston Hall, right, wrote By the Wayside, featuring quirky historical vignettes. (Image courtesy of Hingham Historical Society; photo by Ray Wolfe)"][/caption] Many people who live at Linden Ponds in Hingham know something of the town s rich history. It certainly helps that the town s...
Linden Ponds
[caption id="attachment_3120" align="alignright" width="228" caption="Linden Ponds Knit n Crocheters create new accessories from old plastic bags, which they use as yarn to crochet. A handbag, like those pictured above, may require as many as 150 plastic bags, depending on its size. (Photo by Setarreh Massihzadegan) "][/caption] Word of Linden Ponds Plastic Bag Knit n Crocheters has...
Oak Crest
For the life of her, world traveler Barbara Walker couldn t understand why anyone would want to watch someone else s home videos. Then one day it hit her: There are a lot of people who have traveled throughout their life and for whatever reason are no longer able to, says Walker. My videos allow them to revisit places they ve been and travel to places they ve never seen before. ...
Brooksby Village
[caption id="attachment_3184" align="alignright" width="228" caption="Members of the Afghan Group at Brooksby display some of their latest efforts. From left to right: Carol Reid, Ruth Briggs, Claire (Bettie) Loughhead, and Beverly Kenworthy. (Photo by Setarreh Massihzadegan)"][/caption] These are not for sale; they re meant to be given, Beverly Kenworthy says, gesturing toward a stack...
Ashby Ponds
On the morning of June 27, 1941, Nazi troops from Order Police Battalion 309 invaded the town of Bialystok, Poland. They surrounded the town square by the Great Synagogue, the largest wooden synagogue in Eastern Europe, and forced residents from their homes into the street. [caption id="attachment_3027" align="alignright" width="280" caption="Philip Weiner, chair of the Torah Search...
Fox Run
Tell Richard and Joyce Parmenter they re too young to live at a retirement community and they ll respond: Better to move in a year too early than a year too late. They aren t being clever these 60somethings mean it. [caption id="attachment_2057" align="alignright" width="280" caption="Wellness Coordinator Alice Hixson checks Richard Parmenter s position in her Healthy Back Yoga class,...
Brooksby Village
When most people go shopping for a new home, they are thinking of the roof over their heads. But as it turns out, what s under their feet is often a major selling point. [caption id="attachment_2471" align="alignright" width="280" caption="Uncovering and refinishing hardwood floors can be a real selling point when putting your home on the market. (Photo by Gerry Fey)"]