Maris Grove

[caption id="attachment_13825" align="alignright" width="280" caption="John Kaufman compares the beauty of the Maris Grove campus to the countryside of Tuscany. (photo by Elizabeth Janney)"][/caption] Toni and John Kaufman love to get down and dirty in the garden, that is!

Linden Ponds

When Marcia Zubretsky arrived at Linden Ponds earlier this year, she dedicated some time to unpacking; but she spent most of her initial weeks immersed in her favorite activities. One of the first steps [in getting settled] was to pursue the things I like doing, she says.

Oak Crest

Duke Baugh can t recall exactly when he first learned the words to the national anthem. Nonetheless, for the last ten years, he has captivated audiences at the Parkville Town Centre Fair with his a cappella version of the patriotic hymn and is preparing to wow them again on September 12.

Oak Crest

Social worker Jessica Perry never thought she would take a backseat to her 3-year-old chocolate lab mix, Captain, until she started bringing him to work with her two years ago. It s become apparent that most people come to see him, not me, says Perry, who works at Oak Crest. Everyone always remembers him. Around the community I m simply known as Captain s mom!

Brooksby Village

[caption id="attachment_13904" align="alignright" width="280" caption="Loretta Tenaglia holds up the magazine in which she appeared as one of the North Shore s 100 most influential people. (Photo by Setarreh Massihzadegan)"][/caption] She is a familiar face at Brooksby Village, but one rarely seen sitting still.

Maris Grove

Many people know Phil Taylor, M.D., as Maris Grove s medical director. You know, the guy educated at Temple University who has been a practicing geriatrician since 1985? You may even know that Taylor went the academic route in 1995 and missed interacting with his patients so much that in 2006, he joined Maris Grove, where he s been happily practicing ever since.

Fox Run

When romances bud at Fox Run, weddings sometimes follow. Since the community opened in 2003, five couples have officially vowed, I do. Here are some chapters from their stories.

Maris Grove

[caption id="attachment_13543" align="alignright" width="280" caption="Maris Grove s fishing club allows members to get into the sport as well as the freshwater pond on the 87-acre campus."]

Maris Grove

[caption id="attachment_13538" align="alignright" width="280" caption="A blueprint for urban revitalization, PPL Park is home to the Philadelphia Union. The soccer team s first season in the new stadium began in June and will continue through the end of November."]