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“Location, location, location,” may be the first mantra in most real estate transactions, but when it comes to selling your house, timing is a close second.

Houston real estate agent Lisa Hudgens says sellers can list their home at any time of the year, but early spring tends to yield the best results.

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When you schedule that first appointment to learn more about living at

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When you talk to Barbara Davenport, you will quickly realize you are speaking to a person who embraces life, unafraid to try new things. 

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A little more than 20 years ago, John and Clare Murtha retired from their careers and built a single-story house in La Plata, Md., where they planned to relax in their golden years. That house suited them for a couple of decades, but in recent years, maintaining the property became a burden.

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Snow may have been in the forecast in February, but Ursula Jacob couldn’t resist stopping by her garden to see if anything might be popping up.

“I planted some blue tulips in the fall, and I couldn’t wait to see how pretty they would be,” she says.

Oak Crest
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“Keep on the sunny side, always on the sunny side, keep on the sunny side of life.” This popular tune from 86 years ago is more relevant than ever today, as a new study shows having a positive outlook may help add years to your life. 

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Planning for the future is a concept that follows us throughout our lives. As children, we strive for good grades in order to gain acceptance to college. In young adulthood, we save money in preparation for an eventual marriage and family.

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Representing the interests of the more than 1,900 people living at Greenspring, an Erickson Living community in Springfield, Va., the Resident Council serves as the community’s voice in discussions with management and staff.

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While thousands of people will plant new trees in honor of Arbor Day this month, two nature lovers from