Oak Crest

Evelyn Schroedl refuses to act her age. When the 92-year-old resident of Oak Crest is not dancing the tango, she s out on the tennis courts delivering a swing that would give most 20-something s a run for their money.


If there s no ice on the pond, it s a good day to fish that s Clyde King s creed. A lifelong fisherman, King has been casting his line out on small ponds and rivers across Maryland for the last 75 years.

Oak Crest

Watching 92-year-old Evelyn Schroedl glide across the stage in perfect time, you would never know she hasn t danced since high school.

Wind Crest

Aside from the years Woody Doyle spent stationed in the military in Nuremburg, Germany, he has chosen to live his life in Colorado. He was born in Denver, and since then, the Mile-High City has been his home.

Ashby Ponds

Two years ago on October 2, 2008 Ashby Ponds officially opened its doors to a fanfare of festivities. rel="same-post-14267" title="DC1010_APL2ndbirthday"> We are here to celebrate the genesis of som

Brooksby Village

A farm stand trimmed with pumpkins; a living room enveloping a Christmas tree and fireplace; a lighthouse along the seaside: all are scenes created by Bill Carey, who with imagination and precision plays the parts of architect, builder, and decorator. [caption id="attachment_14545" align="alignright" width="280" caption="Bill Carey stands behind shadow boxes that he builds at Brooksb

Maris Grove

[caption id="attachment_14634" align="alignright" width="280" caption="Maris Grove s Ultimate Chef teams. Front row (left to right): Terry Sokoloff, A.J. Coccia, and Toni Kaufman.

Ann's Choice

[caption id="attachment_14640" align="alignright" width="280" caption="Three generations of Swans Bob Swan; his son, James; and his grandson, James, Jr. They just got back from the National Boy Scouts Jamboree, where there were 45,000 scouts in attendance from all over the country.

Cedar Crest

The link between nature and health has finally been solidified. British scientists Richard Mitchell, of Glasgow University, and Frank Popham, of the University of St. Andrews, distinguished a direct connection between contact with natural environments and improved health.