Oak Crest

Ned Ward is up to his ears in peanut butter and jelly.


When native New Yorker Rebekah Kennedy moved to Baltimore a little more than 20 years ago, she was immediately attracted to the beauty, convenience, and culture Charm City afforded her. [caption id="attachment_13173" align="alignright" width="280" caption="When she's not visiting friends or the theater in Baltimore, Rebekah Kennedy takes in her Charlestown view.

Oak Crest

Magical! That s how Martha Clasby describes her pilgrimage from Baltimore to Chartres Cathedral in France. Clasby is among the thousands who have traveled to the [caption id="attachment_13166" align="alignright" width="280" caption="Walking labyrinths has been proven to elicit what is called a relaxation response.


The oil paintings lighting up the walls of Irene Hebert s apartment home are proof that an artist can be born at any age. Hebert hadn t picked up a paintbrush before moving to Charlestown in 1990, where she enrolled in her first art class. Now, 20 years later, she can t put one down.

Oak Crest

Since its inaugural issue appeared in 1995, Our Village Voice the eight-page community newspaper of Oak Crest has kept the pulse of the 87-acre community in Parkville.


My husband and I moved to Ocean City, Md., after he retired from the government, says Rita Brennan. While we loved living by the ocean, we found the winters tough, so we escaped to Florida for the colder months.

Ann's Choice
Personal Moving Consultant Suzanne McAllister, whom clients warmly call Suzy, isn t always Mrs. Nice she has a competitive side too. When she isn t helping people sell their houses, she s playing on the tennis courts in the USTA, the United States Tennis Association.

Natural talent

Long before McAllister got her real estate license, she played tennis.

Gardening is a gamble, says Sterns Lott, president of the Ashby Ponds Garden Club. You never know if your crop will take. It s an ongoing search for information.