ACH Clothing Drive

 Residents and staff at Ann s Choice, an Erickson Living community, sorted and sent out articles of new clothing they collected which were in turn given to NGA

Maris Grove
mgc jewish website seder

According to Merle Taylor, anyone can set up a Web page. All you need is a little drive and a lot of purpose.

Tallgrass Creek

Joan Smith and her husband moved to Bella Vista, an Arkansas neighborhood formed as a retirement community, in 1998.

Wind Crest

Toni Levasseur started practicing tai chi to improve her balance. I just plain feel better after doing tai chi, says Levasseur. There s not a lot of heavy lifting or any kind of strenuous exercise. Instead, it uses gentle movements. Overall, it just makes me feel better. It s wonderful!

Wind Crest

Virginia and Jim Murphy were the second people to move to Wind Crest back in 2007, helping to sculpt the community into something vibrant and meaningful.

Cedar Crest

When Jerry Winnick saw his young son s arm wrapped in a cast, he saw an opportunity for art.

Fox Run

Surrounded by eight women upon sitting down to dinner in a Fox Run restaurant, Doug Williams takes it in stride. Women have been telling me what to do all my life, he jokes. I had six sisters and five daughters. Mr.

Tallgrass Creek

The residents of Tallgrass Creek have one thing in common: They all moved from somewhere else. But there are moves and then there are moves. Take Dorothy Paton, who moved to the community in 2007. Not from a different neighborhood or state, but from another country, her beloved Scotland.