Oak Crest

What happens when residents of a retirement community set sail on a cruise ship visited by a 20th-century German submarine, a 19th-century British sailing vessel, and an 18th-century band of pirates?

Linden Ponds

Year-round they practice diligently, working their way through sheets of music and lines of comedy and drama alike.

Linden Ponds

Nalora (Lo) and Guy Steele met beside a piano. They were standing together during a chapel rehearsal in Missouri when someone suggested they sing a duet. They obliged by singing Indian Love Call by Slim Whitman. [caption id="attachment_7579" align="alignright" width="280" caption="Guy and Lo Steele enjoy a moment at the piano inside their Linden Ponds apartment home.


Harold Horiuchi found his passion in the most unlikely circumstances imaginable.

Brooksby Village

Dr. Philip Herrick s profession of 45 years was at the front of his mind when he and his wife, Zetta, were looking to make a move from their house in Rockport, Mass. [caption id="attachment_7583" align="alignright" width="280" caption="Dr.

Ann's Choice
Love is definitely in the air at Maris Grove and Ann s Choice. There s one funny thing about love it tends to spread, and, like a smile, it s contagious.

Starting as neighbors

Mej Bernard and Joe Blake were each happily married to other spouses for 50 years, but those spouses passed in 2006.
Seabrookresident Regina Thomas believes that one of the keys to successful aging is to give and receive love. Widowed later in life, this former dental hygienist, trade publication writer, and TV talk show host has spent the past year putting her theories about love and older adults down on paper in Love and C
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For Ray and Barbara Schmitt, the secret to their 51 years of successful marriage has been respect for one another and a strong, shared faith. It s really simple, Barbara says. The key to making it last is having a common faith and always putting the other person first. Through all of our years together, there s never been a time where we haven t done that.

Oak Crest
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You may not recognize Jim Wetzel by sight, but for many longtime Baltimoreans, the sound of his voice rings familiar. Wetzel, aka Jim West, was cohost of the popular Jones and West Morning Show on WBAL radio throughout the 1980s.